21 September 2016

Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear : Victoria Beckham

When was the last time we saw a good, easy-to-wear riding boot in Summer? That's what Victoria even thought herself, and I am so glad that she had brought that to the table with this collection. I'll start off mention that because it is different, fresh and relevant. The boots create a great silouhette for the look and every woman should have a trusted riding boot in their wardrobe. When I think of boots like this, or try to look for some myself, I am always forced to see tan, chocolate brown or black colours. It was refreshing to see a white and grey boot alongside a tanned and grey boot which could easily be carried onto Autumn. 

The pieces that Victoria had been photographed in during her stay in New York for the days leading up to the show, gave us all an idea on what to expect this season from her. The relaxed feel she was conveying with slouchy styled pieces teamed with simple flats was effortless but every so chic. Victoria heavily focused on fabrics this season. My obsession with Velvet had hit a high with this collection and it was lovely to see them in beautiful colours such as mint green, lavender, cream, turquoise and navy blue. She wanted the looks to be "fresh" and they certainly were which is one of the highlights I personally look for in a Spring/Summer collection. She did almost everything you can think of with these traditional Fabrics such as leather, silk and of course the velvet. Creased them, washed them and dyed them - to create a collection which was classic Victoria - relaxed, modern yet incredibly luxurious. When I say classic Victoria however, I must say that she definitely does something new each season which makes me so much more appealed to the brand. The slouchy bags which appeared with no structure also added the relaxed feel of the whole collections and are especially perfect with the clothing pieces she had presented today (might have to snatch myself one of those!). VB is always looking for something fresh, different and wearable, which I think she nailed this season.


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