17 September 2016

Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear : Alexander Wang

The main event of this collection was for Alexander Wang to unveil his new collaboration with Adidas Originals. The final lap of the show was where the models, (known as the WANG SQUAD) walked the stage in Adidas pieces that had obviously been created by Mr. Wang himself. The typical Adidas look was presented with gym shorts, hoodies, black T-shirts and trousers which carried the classic white stripe. Of course, it was Alexander Wang's take on what is already the brand's, he said "I looked at what is theirs, what they own and I flipped it. Literally and Aesthetically." I also felt that Wang had incorporated the sporty feel in most of his looks this season. There were cropped hoodie, caps,  shorts, bikini inspired tops - which were actually contrasted with a feminine touch of lace. I have always applauded Alexander Wang for this. He does combine the masculine and feminine fashion to create something with a great balance. I always feel that he brings a sense of coolness to luxury fashion, and a more relaxed and casual vibe - which of course is very wearable. The collection really tapped into his Los Angeles roots with these looks, due to the style and weight. It is evident that these pieces are lightweight which is great for the summer weather, and days where you want to look effortlessly on trend - without the hassle or both. A thumbs up from me!


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