25 August 2016

Obsessed : PersonalityMatch

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” Henry David Thoreau


being a smartphone addict, I am always spending my time going through the APP store on my phone, finding new apps to pass time, to then become addicted and finding myself on the app every minute of everyday...

Since I became a blogger in 2014 I have always found myself on journeys to find myself and understand my own personality and how to adapt myself to particular things. I think I was so influenced by others that my personality had changed and altered to fit in with society, especially during my young teenage years - which I guess, is actually a shame. However, I do believe I have found myself after different events that have happened in my life, and that being yourself is truly amazing. I recently discovered the Personality Match App (personality perfect.com) and it has really given me inspiration on what to do in life based on my personality - which is exactly the aim of the app.  It is a very positive and inspiring, so I am thrilled to explain to you guys exactly what it is.

I feel like this app is so interesting to actually find the tips to actually getting along with someone. I personally, looked at the app as fun and interesting, to see what comes up. To start with, I took the App's free personality test - and then get a friend to do the same. The app then reveals and compares both of your personality types and compatibly. The other thing about this is that they also tell you why you are compatible and in what areas - as well as giving you possible conflicts that could arise between the pair of you and how to resolve them. It kind of reminds me of one of those "Love Meters" us girls would put ourselves in with a boy we fancy at school. Memories.

taken from the PersonalityPerfect.com website...

Our Mission

At PersonalityPerfect, our mission is to help people improve their lives based on their personalities. When a person learns about his or her individual personality type, they can gain a real understanding into how they naturally relate to the world and how others relate to them. This insight can be applied to big life choices like university majors and career paths. It can be used to improve crucial personal interactions in romance, friendships, and parenting. It can also be a tremendous help in daily interactions with others, like coworkers, clients, and family members.

take a try and see what you get!

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