17 August 2016

New Loves : Cecily

I have recently found a brand which I am so obsessed with : Cecily. It is a brand which specialises in elegant and luxury dresses which are perfect for work and occasion wear. I believe that sometimes it is difficult for women to express their style at work due to restrictions on what you can wear, but I think Cecily is the perfect destination to find the perfect office-appropriate look, or of course, for a special occasion. I love dresses which are simple, but ensure you stand out from the crowd - I am a firm believer in less is more. The designers of Cecily, Louise and Sarah, pride themselves on hating fuss, hating body-con and hating overdone looks -  but deliver beautiful detail, loves tailored looks and simplicity.

Meet The Designers...
taken from www. wearececily.com 

We first met in junior school when both asked to dance for a performance    of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Tinderbox’, and to our disgust, the  teacher presented us with horrific green Robin Hood outfits to wear. Our little disappointed faces made the teacher laugh and she immediately set to work on finding us something else. Even at 10 years old we were discerning about style! So this is where it started… a lifelong friendship and common passion for everything feminine and pretty. Needless to say, we danced our little socks off in pink and violet chiffon!

It was this passion that got us thinking about modern women and essentially, women in the male dominated world of business. Although it is great to see how they are becoming more and more valued for their contribution at work, many still feel they need to dress a certain way to be taken seriously, that is, wear multi-piece (often ill-fitting) outfits that emulate men’s suits! We thought it was time for women to embrace their femininity in every environment and celebrate, finally, the end of 80s ‘power dressing’!

CECILY is coming to life just as we envisaged. Inspired by working women everywhere, our love of The Dress was something we wanted to explore; the idea of wearing just one piece that need only to be teamed with those essential accessories, a bag and shoes. There are many issues women of all ages face when choosing clothes for the office, whether it be finding the appropriate length, not wanting to show too much cleavage or simply just preferring to cover their arms. We have created a capsule collection that incorporates classic detail whilst never showing too much skin, instead brought to life with expert tailoring so your beautiful feminine curves never have to hide away.

We think our dresses will appeal to every lady in the land who:

hates fuss, but loves beautiful detail, 
hates body-con, but loves tailored heaven, 
hates overdone,  but loves adaptable simplicity

Here are my favourite pieces from the collection...


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