24 May 2016

The Vintage Cosmetic Company : Reviews + Must Haves!

With me, I am a marketer's dream. I am a sucker for gorgeous packaging and cute products and Vintage Cosmetic Company has that down to a T. The products are so cute and unique, and instantly girly-fy your makeup wardrobe (as well as hair and nails of course). Not only are the products a joy to look at - but they are magical at doing their job for outstanding prices!

I discovered these vintage inspired products when I attended the annual Clothes Show live at the Birmingham NEC Centre in 2014. I bought a little goodie bag of a few brushes and instantly loved the products. I remember purchasing a couple of eyeshadow blenders and a fan brush to apply highlighter and I was instantly obsessed. Still do this day, I do use those and they work just as well as they did 2 years ago which is fantastic for the affordable price that the Vintage Cosmetic Company pin themselves. Recently, they very kindly sent me a package to review for you guys and I cannot wait to give you my opinions on these!

Photo Courtesy of @thevintagecosco on Instagram.

Onto the two brushes I have reviewed for you guys. They are Cruelty Free synthetic brushes and blend so well. They have a cute cream wooden handle which really gives a cute vintage vibe, the packaging and look of the brushes are so crisp, clean and cute! 

Shadow Brush
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This brush was perfect for packing on product to get that pigmented colour base on your lid. I didn't use it to blend colour into colour as much but that's purely because I preferred using the Angled Shadow Brush for that which I will talk about more in depth. It was great to, however, just blend that harsh line out from the pigment on the lid so it faded beautifully into the crease of the eye. It was also extremely easy to clean and once dried, went back to normal shape. However, i would suggest having a couple of these for dark, medium and light colours to avoid the hassle of having to wash them all the time if you went for a dramatic look the night before to a more lighter one the following morning for work. I am partial to a smokey eye whether that be a dramatic rock chick type or a subtle nude look, and this brush is perfect to contribute to that seamless blend of smoke. 

Angled Shadow Brush
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Similarly to the shadow brush, the angled shadow brush was perfect for blending. Out of the two, I found this brush to be better for blending the colours together as the hairs are at an angle which really perfects the smokey shape at the corner of the eye. It is perfect for packing on colour on top of the colour applied by the shadow brush and enables you to really get a seamless finish of shadow. It builds up colour in the crease line too and blends beautifully outward.

Precision Shadow Brush
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I think with these 3 brushes (The shadow brush, the angled shadow brush and the precision shadow brush) you have the perfect kit for a gorgeous smokey eye that mesmerise. Contrary to the two others,  the precision brush has more compacted hairs to allow you to have that accuracy and precision when applying the shadow. I used this brush to add some shadow along the lash line then smoked that out to contribute to a flawless look.

Kitty False Eyelashes
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I have always loved these eyelashes. They're natural enough to wear in the day but give you great volume and length and that is what I look for when buying lashes. They're so easy to apply too which is essential. I would recommend to hold the lashes against your eye to roughly measure how long you need the lashes to be to avoid them being uncomfortable. 

Round Blow Dry Hair Brush
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Personally, I found it near impossible to blow dry my own hair to get that perfect Kate Middleton effortless blow-dry. However, I used this one and I was able to master. With practice, I am now using this brush almost everyday. I tend to dry the hair to the point where it is slightly damp but not dripping wet and then begin to style. I begin with brushing the hair in a downwards motion to create a straight effect and then turn the brush at the bottoms to create a flick. I do this with different pieces of hair in different directions to achieve those effortless but perfected blow dry.

Must Haves



  1. Great products. I've just got myself the individual lashes from them. Hope its good.

    Take care doll!

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