12 May 2016

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Fendi

Fendi has completely done something different this season. Firstly, the Fendi bag fur charms in the form of fuzzy characters, are seen everywhere. Whether that be in New York, Paris, London, or Milan - they are everywhere, and they are definitely the must have accessory for our handbags, regardless of the seasons. Fendi announce prior to the show, that two "special guests" were travelling all the way from Japan to make a very special appearance here at the "Fendirumi" as the show has been named. These two guests happened to be giant furry bag charms called Piro-chan and Bug-kun, which did of course add to the fun of the whole show. They were in Milan to actually pay tribute and celebrate the latest pop-up store Fendi had opened in Tokyo, and they were of course a social media phenomenon with guests rapidly rushing to get a photo to post on Instagram with the hashtag #fendirumi. A great marketing technique from Fendi, showing that Karl is definitely marketing the brand appropriate to today's media. Silvia Venturini Fendi said backstage "They [the charms] perfectly embody the Fendi fun spirit." Fun, Modern and Funky are the perfect words to not only describe this show and collection, but Fendi as a Fashion house altogether.

Karl gave us something different here at Fendi this Fall.  Let's begin with those boots. They're undeniably intriguing. Perhaps not for everyone, but no one can deny that they were the highlight of the show. Every model that graced the runway wore these over-the-knee boots and they were literally show-stopping. Not only were some acid blue versions, but even, some may argue, some toned out black ones which were a lesser discreet version. They were works of art, and the design Karl inputted into these boots were definitely unique, eccentric but wouldn't look good with any other brand, except Fendi. The frills around the shoes were teamed perfectly with clothing garments, such as the blouses and dresses which were also ruffled, frilled and flounced. The fun was also brought to the show, not only just by the life-sized charms of course, but with fur collars which had monster eyes on them and gorgeous tailed fur stoles which injected even more colour than what was already presented to us by the boots and clothing. Despite being one of the world's most luxurious brands due to it's incredible fur atelier, the collection was definitely somewhat fun, youthful and fresh. These adjectives came in the form of big puffball shirts and fox fur jackets that were patterned, 60s inspired pieces such as pinafores and not to mention, those huge fur handbags which were the sizes of suitcases. By all means, they are definitely going to be a statement - but I have no doubt they are going to be a hit with Fendi lovers.


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