25 April 2016

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Gucci


It has only been a year since Alessandro Michele was appointed as the creative director here at Gucci. In those short, 12 months - he has completely turned the brand into something different - which is why Alessandro is arguably the designer who has been on everyone's lips since he debuted. He has changed a sexy brand, into a more romantic, vintage and colourful house - which is proving a hit with loyal Gucci clientele, as well as new customers who's heads have turned due to Michele's somewhat, flamboyant designs. Alessandro expressed on Instagram that his collection has multiple influences - and before I knew what they were, it was evident that these inspirations are different from any other designers as to me, there aren't many designers quite like Michele. He said that Catherine de' Medici, 70s Sport, Renaissance biker, 80s Italian and French couture have all influenced this Fall collection in different ways. When looking through the looks, I did think to myself that there were so many cultural aspects embedded into the collection - each look definitely took us on a journey to say the least.

On his Social Media, Alessandro Michele also tends to post images of Italian art and antiques - which are evidently used as "mood boards" for his garments or Gucci. Perhaps Social Media is his place to go when looking for inspiration? Michele often calls his collection's feel as "renaissance" which is always so soft and vintage looking - with bold colours and flamboyant patterns. This time, he even went to the extent of appointing a New York Street Artist to spray paint Gucci on biker jackets and bags - which was definitely unexpected to say the least. Fur-lined loafers were back, which was a highlight for me in previous collections - and I often find myself in Gucci on Sloan Street, lusting after the classic black loafers that are in the form of "slippers" with gorgeous fur lining. He cross-referenced 1980s large shoulder pads (or "puffy" shoulders if you will) and teamed them with bodices that had been plastered with historic, perhaps 16th/17th century, portraits.


The accessories this season were just as important as the clothing. It is backstage, where the design is shown off best, with Alessandro showing off every detail incorporated into the design and craft of these pieces. There were 80s sunglasses with big diamontes studded on the side, metallic heels which were paired with ankle socks as well as 70s disco sandals and veils. On paper, this perhaps sounds like it should just not work. But it did, and that's because Alessandro knows exactly what he wants and how to style it. Whether the clothing was embroidered with pearls or crystal necklaces onto tops and bodices - the look was still given that extra jazz in the form of accessories. The geeky Gucci influence was still there, which was an aspect which I have always loved during Alessandro's collections over the past year - and what seems to be making Gucci mega-bucks. He is a very sensitive, warm, Italian soul which is conveyed through his creativity and inspiration. I absolutely loved the colour-blocked looks which came in pink, turquoise and yellow. It was fresh, exciting and inviting - fantastico.


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