4 April 2016

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Anya Hindmarch

It was only last season that Anya Hindmarch really upped her game and made a huge impact on London Fashion Week. Her English inspirations and sensibilities are what has made her brand so successful and loved by many. For her Spring/Summer 2016 collection she took this to another level - by paying tribute to huge English brands such as Boots, Mothercare and John Lewis. She used their logos on bags and clothing which on paper, is somewhat questionable, but Anya proved that her genius creations and way of designing is absolutely fantastic. In addition, Anya is known for really homing in on the digital age and media which has a huge influence on fashion. Many brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Chanel have only recently really started to think about their online marketing techniques and influence from the media - but Anya has been dwelling on this since day 1. She is known for her emoji inspired pieces and stickers which made a staggering £12million in the past two season. For Fall, she went beyond the present day and actually took a muse from the 1980/1990s by using Pacman and Space invaders. Despite the time these games were around, the collection was anything but old. Guests at the show were treated to a very modern (and somewhat high-tech) show. The set was a giant grid set which was definitely reflecting the traditional rubix cube, which was also imprinted onto coats and bags this season. The collection was heavily geometric and pixellated which conveyed a very youthful and fresh feel.

Anya, known mostly for her accessories, approached bags with a twist this season. They have a very graphic and bright feel which is what Anya is all about, and what she wants to give to her loyal clientele. I have no doubt that Anya Hindmarch lovers will love this collection. A statement piece from this set was the beautiful coat with fried egg-shaped patches in Mink Fur. Who knew fashion could be so eccentric but wearable? I love it.


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