3 March 2016

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Victoria Beckham

Victoria said backstage at her NYFW Fall 2016 show that this collection was a total reflection of the evolution of her own style. If you look back at pictures of Victoria in her Spice Girls days, it is evident that her own personal style has significantly changed. I think as a huge trend in the 90s when the band was a global phenomenon, the hourglass figure has made an appearance in the collection in the forms of corsets which she knows how to perfect to a T. Looking back at the collections at the start of her fashion brand, she definitely made this a signature for her brand image but over the years and seasons, she has drifted away from that and focused on more loose fitting garments and heavy outerwear for winter.

Victoria Beckham is one of my favourite brands to watch during Fashion Month. I am always eagerly anticipating her collections and regularly visit her Dover Street Store and check online for new pieces coming in. I just adore her. She is an inspiration to me not only as a designer, but as a woman and a mother. I think she is incredible and I aspire to be like her in the future.

The collection was very minimalistic in terms of garments, there wasn't an overboard of accessories or embellishment but it was the patterns, shapes and structures which made the collection so great. It was evident that Victoria wanted to take the bustier look into the daily wardrobe for her clients, which would be quite hard to do as a designer, but she nailed it. She incorporated that with Prince of Wales checks with large threads and houndstooth prints which really suited the garments. These patterns aren't known to work with figure-hugging garments, but I feel that for Victoria's brand image and what she usually designs for her clients that it just works perfectly. She also included a tasteful element by putting in cut-outs just below the bust-line... not too much but equally as flirty. When this collection hits her Dover Street store, her Hong Kong store is scheduled to be opened so of course her first collection for that store had to make an impact - but in the Victoria way. We don't expect large embellishments, glamour and glitz and I think that is the key to the brand's success. Her own personal style today is very sophisticated and simplistic so it's great to see this as her inspiration for her collections.

Despite sticking to the amazing outerwear she designs and minimality, she did experiment with shape and volume, as seen on the monochrome houndstooth dress towards the end of the show. She created a "bubble" on the dresses and skirts which reflected the hourglass figure made popular with the bustier busts. However, she revamped that with true Victoria Beckham style, and presented us with a softer look. The bubbles were also at the bottom of the hem which was unique and modern. The modern feel of the looks were executed by teaming these bubble pieces with flats - giving the clients off duty chic. Perfect for the mother's who are running around all day with errands and for those women who are travelling. In the outerwear aspect, I think Victoria is Queen at this. I especially loved the navy clutch coat she presented early on in the show, which without a doubt I expect her to be wearing any time soon. In addition, she designed gorgeous tailored double breasted coats which were delivered in the checks that were predominately the foundation of the collection.

Victoria Beckham

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