17 March 2016

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Vera Wang

Vera Wang must be most known for her incredible bridal dresses she designs for brides, with a huge budget. Her bridal designs are considered some of the best in the industry, so this collection may come as a surprise to those who are aware of her designs. She dressed, only recently, Seryah McNeill in a gorgeous grey dress which she donned at the Grammys and a dress like that was one that many would associate with Vera Wang. It seems that she wanted a different feel for Fall, a completely different diversion for sure. 
     Backstage at the show she spoke about her muses and inspiration for this collection. She said that Giacometti was a huge inspiration which was evident in the collection. She opted for Giacometti for his sculptural designs which are long and lean, as well as sighting to Modigliani's paintings for a muse for the colour palette for the looks. The colour palette was very limited and dull, but dull in a good way. The majority of the collection started all black, with hints of white, creating crisp, tailored looks which we all love from Vera. She stated that the collection's initial starting point was a fencing jacket, which she created with quilting fabrics which strapped across the back, teamed with floor length kilts. She executed the look by layering shirts underneath, which also conveys a more sophisticated feel - despite the edgy undertone she has reinforced. The masculinity and edginess was shown through not only shown through the tailoring, crisp white shirts and black colours - but also with sky high platforms which revealed a fun side to her, otherwise sophisticated, collection. She added her boyish side with the tailoring coming in green and brown which were colours that had been taking as an inspiration from Modigliani. She included very short shorts but contrasted that with long maxi kilts as well as fitted and narrow trousers - which again, reinforced the masculinity of the collection. 
    Her aim was to also achieve a very statuesque figure with her pieces this season, which was emphasised by the platforms, which were made youthful by being teamed with ankle socks. The platforms were showcased with every look - whether that be a tailored suit styled look or a beautiful loose fitting dress, with a balconette bra full on display. Contrasting against the sharp tailored looks, the floral print dresses and colour-blocked nightdresses balanced the femininity out perfectly. I have a very certain feeling that these dresses will be making a red carpet appearance in the upcoming months, the collection was genius.

Vera Wang

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