13 March 2016

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Tommy Hilfiger

Now seeing this collection for Fall, I feel that Tommy was giving us a taste of what was to come when he presented his Pre-Fall collection only a couple of weeks ago which starred the beautiful British beauty, Immy Waterhouse. The nautical theme was in full swing this season, and boy does Tommy Hilfiger like a theme. Likewise to Chanel, although completely different designers, Hilfiger does enjoy putting on a show for the crowd - rather than the typical runway stage (remember Tommy's AW15 football pitch show? I do), he brings something exciting, fun and energetic - and that is exactly what the T.H. Atlantic did this season. The cruise liner set was absolutely exceptional, and I think this is perhaps one of Tommy's best shows (and collection) yet.

It has been said that Tommy Hilfiger wants to bring his brand into a new world of the digital and social media age this coming September. Tommy is fully aware, and rightfully so, that fashion is ever-changing and in 2016, Social Media is the key to a successful marketing strategy. He recently announced the highly-anticipated collaboration "Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger" where model of the moment, Gigi Hadid will share posts and images across her social media which reaches 13.4million on Instagram alone. It wasn't just Gigi who Hilfiger turned to, but he included many young, fresh faces such as Hailey Baldwin to grace the runway as well as sit Social Media's most loved models, Suki Waterhouse and Lucky Blue Smith on the FROW. This, was a Social Media phenomenon. Tommy Hilfiger is a global success anyway so I have no doubt that Tommy will thrive in the new multimedia move he is intending over the course of the year.

I noticed that despite the nautical theme which we saw in Pre-Fall, this collection was rather different to what many would expect from Hilfiger. Even though the looks had a preppy and youthful undertone, there wasn't any sporty or athletic pieces incorporated - which I think is refreshing and proves that the Hilfiger brand is definitely making a change ... a great one at that. The collection was ultimately feminine, with pretty chiffon blouses, nautical printed chiffon dresses, silk fabrics and frilly socks and sandals. Equally though, the collection presented a military feel which is very popular with Hilfiger for a woman's collection, this came in the form of a navy cape with a badge worn by Hailey Baldwin, A-line skirts with naval stripes and gold buttons and tailored oversized coats. 

He also looked to the 40s for inspiration, which was presented in the form of the slip dress and has also shown beautiful silk dresses that fit ever so beautifully on the woman's body. It's a thumbs up from me this season from Hilfiger, and I am loving what he is giving us each time.


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