28 March 2016

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Oscar de la Renta

Peter Copping, Oscar de la Renta's successor after his passing,  is being recognised for his exceptionally colourful and inspiring Instagram account. The British designer often posts updates on the current collections he is designing for la Renta as well as behind the scenes photos and general muse images which are evidently used as inspiration for his upcoming collections. The bright and enthusiastic feel of his instagram was reflected perfectly against his collection this AW, bringing back the beautiful colours we all love from the fashion house. Copping for me, out of the designers in the industry, has a spectacular eye for colour. It wasn't just the beautiful colours which were incorporated into the collection, but Copping had certainly dwelled into the Oscar de la Renta history, paying somewhat of a tribute to the iconic designer and his spectacular designs. In 1973, Oscar was involved in, being one of the five designers, to go up against their parisian counterparts (according to Vogue.com) at the battle of Versailles. This infamous event was attended by the likes of Andy Warhol and it has been remembered as a great change in the industry. 

"It was about modernity and the minimalism of American sportswear versus French Tradition" - Peter Copping


Peter Copping was a knitwear intern at Nina Ricci, which is if you compare the two brands, quite similar to Oscar de la Renta. It's very feminine, traditional and elegant - so that influence has definitely helped him produce such fantastic collections since his appointment at the fashion house just over a year ago. He decided to intertwine modern vibes with the tradition Oscar de la Renta look - which is definitely forwarding the brand into the right direction with the ever-changing industry which appreciates history but also develops to dress the modern woman. Although, as mentioned, his passion for colour is what influences his collections, compared to the Spring line which included reds, yellows and turquoises - some would say that he did hold back at the start. However, as the show progressed he made up for that with gorgeous cocktail dresses and garments. He toned the collection down for winter by pairing a thin knit sweater with pencil skirts which is one of my favourite looks to go for when looking for sophistication and class.

The 18th century feel was definitely a muse of the collections - which was reflected with long gloves and cute fur collars. The jacquard printed skirt suit which was the 4th look in the show and laced cuffs of a sweater, really emphasised the tradition of Oscar de la Renta as well as the historic feel Copping was going for. I know this collection is going to do wonders this winter.


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