7 March 2016

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Diane von Furstenberg

Diane did something completely different. I for one was expecting a show, which if I am being honest, was disappointed about initially. During NYFW, Diane von Furstenberg's show is one of the ones I look out for. I feel that the atmosphere during them are always so bubbly, fresh and fun. It's taken seriously, but it's also a show full of energy, optimism and is rather relaxed - which is something all of us fashion lovers need during Fashion Month. The presentation itself was fantastic. The biggest models in the world, Gigi, Kendall, Karlie, Taylor etc were all in attendance - dancing away on a flight of stairs with none other than Diane von Furstenberg herself joining in and jigging away. Of course, this was a Social Media dream. The world's biggest models, in beautiful clothing at a disco, if you will. It was the collection which really did fit in with the whole theme of the presentation, 70s statements were the highlight this season and no one can do 70s as well as Diane herself. 

It was Diane and her new CEO of DVF, Paolo Riva who decided to change the venue from the Spring Studios where the shows are usually hosted each season, to the DVF Headquarters on West 14th Street, New York. So naturally, the event was much more intimate, fun and fresh - especially with over 100 enthusiastic photo-snapping guests. An attendee said, "This is going to break the internet," and it sure did. The collection was an instagram-worthy frenzy, not just because of the models but because of the collection too - being extremely photogenic and appealing to the younger generation of fashion lovers. The presentation opened with a gorgeous black number with fuchsia embellishment on the sides and black boots. Something I must say, I was not expecting. Diane is known for her girly, bold and feminine designs, which was then shown as the collection progressed.

Diane expressed to guests that this event wasn't a show or a presentation, but an experience. Gigi Hadid said backstage that this was one of the best nights. Diane dressed her in a gorgeous monochrome slip dress, which was made a "See-now, Buy-now" item - so there is no doubt that this was an instant sell out. 

70s Music was blaring through the headquarters, really reflecting the disco-ready, 70s collection she had presented to us for Fall. Diane said she wanted to bring clothes which are a 'girls best friend' and she nailed this to a T. The beautiful slip dresses, iconic wrap dresses and beautiful furs screamed femininity and was delicately executed with a 20s feel of bowler hats with a flower as decoration. As always, Diane brought colour to her collections and that is one of the features that makes her collections always so loved, applaudable and wearable. Her eccentric personality is evident in her designs and I think that is what makes it all so fun.


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