1 March 2016

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Altuzarra

Joseph Altuzarra stated backstage that he initially wanted this collection to be rather plain - creating simplicity and luxe in his pieces. He said that he started with a floral print, which was repeated throughout the collection, on a bomber jacket and it the collection began to expand from there. The whole collection conveyed a very relaxed feel which he nailed to perfection. The gypsy spirit and bohemian vibe we saw grace the runway is perfect for woman who want to look stylish and feel comfortable on a daily basis. There was a mix-match of colours, prints, fabrics and tactile materials which all contributed to the bohemian look of the garments.  

Loulou de la Falaise was Joseph's muse this season, who had previously served as inspiration for Saint Laurent, which is another favourite of my fashion houses. The inspiration was evident within the mix and matching, carefree and relaxed styling of the garments. This particularly worked in this winter season as not only has he thought of style, but practicality. There were midi-length skirts, jackets clinched in at the waist to tighten the waist, over the shoulder bags and heavy scarves. The prints and patterns which Joseph chose for the garments combined so well with the style of the pieces and I think that is what has made this collection a huge success.

The show was attended by gorgeous A-list stars who are also personal style icons of mine. These included Kate Bosworth and Emily Ratajkowski. Emily said herself backstage that a highlight for her was the gorgeous red gown, which she eagerly wants to wear for a future red carpet event. It was embellished with beautiful sequins and embroidery - executed with a perfect plunge. Innocent, yet tasteful. Perhaps for those woman who aren't too keen on plunging dresses, he included a green/blue version which was equally as captivating, just with a higher neckline.  Joseph is known for his incredible taste and craftsmanship in tailoring. It is the foundation of his brand and many turn to his label to find the perfect suit. It wouldn't be an Altuzarra collection without the tailoring so it was good to see that presented on the runway. Not how many would have expected though - in the form of paisley prints and jacquard designs. It  really fitted in with the whole theme of the collection. There were double-breasted blazers fit to perfection with peplum backs, as well as being teamed with a crystallised belt which is sure to be the statement accessory of the season. Contrasting against the tailoring, he included some jogging trousers in a gorgeous burgundy which had beautiful velvet detailing. The atheleisure aspect to his collection was so on point and worked well with the gyspy spirit he had injected into the line.

A personal favourite look of mine was the pencil skirt with red, fuchsia and blue velvet detailing teamed with a black blouse and leather boots. The colour was bold but didn't make the outfit not work appropriate. A day-to-night look which is key for women on the go. I loved this collection.

Joseph Altuzzara

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