1 February 2016

Spring 2016 Couture : Christian Dior

Christian Dior Haute Couture shows are somewhat of a tradition now. The shows are always held at the same venue which I think adds to the sense of comfort, familiarism and excitement of the collections, and of course the Haute Couture collections from the French Fashion House.

This marks the first Couture collection after Raf Simon's resignation at Dior. No one knows the future of Dior in terms of who will be creatively directing the brand, but it seems that in the meantime the fashion house is using the perfect people to create collections that are still giving the industry exactly what we want. It was a young team, a man and woman, who took the bows at the end of the show, which made the audience question who were these talents? did they design the collections? Perhaps these two young swiss designers didn't expect to be pushed to the front of the audience during their time at Dior. It was a magical moment.

Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux, who are the press representatives at Christian Dior, took up the fill in the roles at the end of the show. They had definitely given a muse of youth and modernism towards the collection of Dior - that was completely evident during this Couture show. I feel, however, that there was a slightly different approach towards this collection than what Raf Simmons would have perhaps taken. The modern and youthful feel that Raf had injected into a, stereotypically, classic and formal Dior brand - had again been reapplied into and even softer and more wearable collection by Meier and Ruffieux. I would compare this collection to that of Celine, and it was refreshing to see a different side to Dior, which even for a Couture collection, will attract the eye of many new clients.

Having said this, Dior has definitely kept some classic pieces in the collection. Such as beautiful, simplistic ballroom frocks, 40s styled buttoned up jackets and softly tailored black blazers. I feel that pieces like this are just so essential in a Christian Dior collection and however much the fashion house moves on with the times and current trends, these pieces are timeless and will always be favoured by their most loyal clientele. As previously mentioned, the collection was noticeably casual - regarding a Couture collection. However, the couture element was definitely implicated through the beautiful embellishments and embroidery as well as the made-to-measure garments. It conveys to us that Couture doesn't mean flamboyancy and formality - but more about the quality and structure of the pieces.

The waist emphasis on pieces such as dresses, jackets, high-waisted pattern trousers and pinched-in-at-the-wasit double breasted coats - implied that an hourglass figure is in for not only Dior but Spring.  Taking the history of Dior and the fashion muses and trends that were worn at the time of founding, implies that the designers of this collection had resorted back to the fashion house's history of inspiration. For me, it was refreshing to see two eras of Dior combined to produce the latest collections. Mixing the old with the new. I truly loved it.


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