9 February 2016

Pre-Fall 2016 : Balmain

There is definitely a reason as to why Balmain is one of my favourite fashion houses. It is evident in each one of Olivier's collections he masterminds for Balmain, that he is a genius. I love the empowerment and strong elements his pieces bring to women and how he has brought Balmain from being an underdog to one of the world's most popular, and instagrammable, fashion house.

I think Balmain's success has come from Olivier's modern outlook on marketing and style. His collections are so popular across social media and are often being sported by the most beautiful and most-photographed women in pop culture -  from the likes of Naomi Campbell to Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez to Emily Ratajkowski. I feel that Balmain is so unique, so exciting and so sexy. Olivier brings to the table everything that not only his Balmain Army want, but of course, every woman. Within this collection, I felt that it was of course very Balmain-esque but with new features, it give us something different. Balmain is so well loved and admired that it would be unfortunate for Olivier to completely change his brand, so it is always relieving to see that he has kept the typical Balmain muse running as the foundation of his collections. He of course included the impeccable embroidery and fringing me all know and loved, but with the inclusion of corsets and beautiful jacquard printed pieces.

It was clear to me that Rousteing had taken his inspiration from the Parisian and French history - Marie Antoinette sprung to mind for me. He had said, "Paris is the city of light, and I want to switch on the lights again." He also claimed that his inspirations had stemmed from Madame de Pompadour who was of course, a mistress of King Louis XV, and Versailles as a place. These muses were definitely perfect for this collection, as for me, this is one of Rousteing's finest to date. The beautiful jacquard prints were presented in gorgeous white high waisted skirts and fitted jackets, a powder blue trouser suit and pannier hipped dress, and a gorgeous silver and black jacket and blazer styled dress. These elements really conveyed that historian feel of the Monachy in Paris, and for me, no other designer could have executed that feel other than the genius which is Olivier Rousteing.

The jacquard prints didn't just come in the form of that, but also exceptional embroidered pieces in bold red, green and blue - as well as a gorgeous number that was tinted by pastel hues. I feel that this collection has gone above and beyond when conveying sexuality, empowerment and feminism. Gorgeous laced ruffle dresses also made an appearance, teamed with of course, victorian inspired men's buckled shoes. It was hinted to Rousteing himself that this collection could pass as Couture, which is exactly what I thought when I had initially viewed it. Olivier responded by hinting that a Balmain Couture collection could potentially come to light - but there is nothing that doubts the fact that there of course will be a Balmain number grace the red carpet this award season, if not from this collection - any.  I truly loved these looks and I feel my passion and love for Balmain is protruding through this post as I write. There was so much I loved that I could write for hours, but see for yourself this incredible, and of course fascinating, collection.


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