6 January 2016

Pre-Fall 2016 : Victoria, Victoria Beckham

Victoria just keeps on giving...

I feel that Victoria is becoming more and more successful with her huge global empire. Of course, she has been known for over two decades for her part in one of the world's most successful girl bands, being a part of one of the media's most powerful husband and wife team - and of course, now her fabulous collections.

VVB is the sister brand of 'Victoria Beckham.' This gives her a chance to become more playful and experimental with her designs, fabrics, colours and overall choices. She also has a separate denim range, which can be seen in this collection with patchwork features, which I wasn't expecting, and flared pieces. She didn't hold back this time with a slogan T-Shirt, strawberry and grape patterns and a dress with cocktail drink images plastered all over it. I couldn't believe this was a Victoria Beckham collection... but then I thought, actually yes I do, as classic Victoria pieces had been included. Such as shift dresses, collared shirts, tailored trousers and clean/sharp sillouhettes. I loved the ankle boots that were in the collection. Victoria usually keeps the footwear very limited in her collections and she did here too.. but I must say, the clothes really did do the talking... fun, energetic yet wearable.


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