21 January 2016

Pre-Fall 2016 : Versace

 Perhaps Donatella's best collection yet...

After such a successful collection for the SS16, which took over Social Media and had encouraged Donatella to take to Instagram herself, it was more than enough pressure for her to design a collection which will be just as loved, if not more. For me, this particular Pre-Fall 2016 collection is not only my favourite so far for this season - but it might just be my favourite Versace collection by Donatella so far. It was only recently at the Golden Globes that Donatella proved her incredibly creativity and design with Hollywood celebrities such as Amy Adams, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jada Pinkett Smith gracing down the red carpet in spectacular Atelier Versace gowns. Wherever you look, Donatella has made her mark.

This collection was one of my favourites because of the undertone influence of sportswear, made more sophisticated with tailoring and modern structure. The modern daywear influence that this collection had was different from what we would normally expect in the form of formal wear from Donatella. The collection was definitely created with today's modern woman in mind. One thing that stood out for me with this preview was the colour scheme she had chosen. There was so much contest and the foundational colour for these looks were predominantly navy. She decided to contrast bold colours against this navy tone to give the look more interest and life. She contrasted a sky blue against the navy for a sophisticated and modern look, and also used a vibrant orange with the navy to incorporate a fun feel, whilst still being incredibly versace-esque. Alongside the colour-blocking take she took with these looks, Donatella didn't hold back with the prints. She used the iconic Greek Pattern on jumpers alongside motifs reading "VERSACE" in bold, as well as a noughts and crosses style print on tops and dresses. She went all out with the contrasting striped fur jacket with pink, reds lilacs and navy, being teamed with some patent leather heeled boots to give the empowering Versace look we all know and love. She also used the trend of clashing prints which I was glad to see from Donatella because for me, she is the Queen of Prints. She teamed a black and lilac jumper with printed cigarette trousers - which on paper, wouldn't work, but Donatella executes the designs in such a way that it just works. All hail Donatella Versace!


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