22 January 2016

Pre-Fall 2016 : Stella McCartney

"Right now, LA is on Fire." - Stella McCartney

Perhaps that is why the London-born, ethical designer decided to host her Pre-Fall 2016 collection Preview in L.A. rather than New York this time around. Famous faces such as Lily Collins, Demi Lovato, Kate Hudson and Kelly Osbourne attended the star-studded party celebrating the preview in Hollywood. Who knew that Stella McCartney had such a high profile following? I always knew she was a designer who Cara Delevingne and Rihanna loved (she had designed their Met Gala 2014 looks) but now it seems as though Stella is taking the industry by storm.

Stella is probably known in the fashion industry as the most ethical designer of them all. Her mother, Linda McCartney, was an animal rights activist and it seems as though Stella has inherited the passion and love for animals. Not only were her pieces leather and fur free, she even took inspiration from cats. Yes, cats. It can't be just me who would never have thought that cats would be a fashion inspiration for Pre-Fall? Well, we couldn't be more wrong. She presented the print on a look which was totally cat, an oversized duster coat and trousers - and a skirt with a slit up the thigh. For some strange reason, it just worked, and I was so glad she had done something completely different. Not only did she feature cats on her clothing, but she featured real life ones in her shots! I don't know exactly why, but I absolutely loved it. I'm sure Katy Perry, who attended the preview, adored it.
The clothes had "a slight electric feel" according to McCartney and I do somewhat agree. Not as obvious, because when we hear electric we stereotypically vision bold colours, sharp shapes and a rather flamboyant design. Stella's collection was electric in another way, in a way of being so loved and appreciated. It was a successful collection to say the least. 

For me, it was as if she had included two different collections into one. The first half, photographed in a room filled with mahogany wooden walls and wooden floor, showed off the day-wear she had designed. The section half was for more of the formal and evening wear, which she had presented with silk dresses which were embroidered with a net of fabric over the top, accompanied with black and white crochet dresses. Her feline inspired collection was certainly one of her best, it reflected well with the 70s style feel she went for. Despite the coats being a highlight of this collection, she emphasised that she is indeed a fur-free designer and the fur incorporated into her collection was faux. 

With Stella McCartney, I find her accessories very simple and minimalistic, but they speak volumes. The faux-leather mock crock design with a huge buckle, were my favourite pair of shoes today. Teamed with an all over leopard print look - you can't get more Saturday Night Fever than that. In addition, the dark brown mock-crock bag with a gold handle really set the vibe for me. I loved the way it fitted so well into the outfit of the feline printed skirt, oversized knitted jumper and of course - my favourite shoes. Perhaps if you aren't a fan of the cat print on the clothes, you may be interested in the bag which has the print - always a good way to start off with the print if you aren't brave enough to make a statement that big as of yet. With Stella, I feel that the brand is best for comfort. The flouncy and bouncy fabrics look just as comfortable as they do modern and stylish. Presented in trendy silks with striped and polka dot detailing, gave an extremely modern twist on the co-ord, and was contrasted with the leopard print bucket bag. I loved it. 


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