19 January 2016

Pre-Fall 2016 : Nina Ricci

Romantic, Feminine and Refined...

Nina Ricci is a french luxury fashion house, founded by Maria Ricci and her son Robert in 1932. Working as a team, the duo formed a business where Maria designed and created the garments, whilst Robert was the mastermind behind the finances and business side of the brand. Initially, her designs were somewhat romantic, soft, feminine and refined. A vibe that the fashion house has carried on in her legacy today.

The Creative Director of Nina Ricci today, is Guillaume Henry. He was said to have repeatedly scrunched the fabrics of the pieces during the preview of the Pre-Fall 2016 collection, to prove the quality and lightness - but this was evident in the photographs that have been released. I think a main priority of Henry's in this collection was texture. The vast variety of texture which was presented in this preview really did make the looks. From lace to silk, and from snakeskin to beautiful mongolian fur. The fabrics really did do the talking.

I think this collection has been designed for the elegant and modern woman who's style is influenced by the old romantic and sexy trend. I loved the laced cami slip dressed teamed with a camel duster coat and patent leather boots - contrasting sex appeal and innocence to create a killer look. He also ventured into some subtle pattern which of course, in true Nina Ricci style, was not too much. A checked coat with a matching checked bag rounded off with some gorgeous white pumps created a look that of course make you stand out from the crowd, but for all the right reasons. The gorgeous mongolian fur with mink patches is the perfect coat for A/W and will be a timeless staple in any woman's wardrobe. The oversized burgundy blouse and snakeskin skirt teamed together creates the perfect business look with a twist. Taking you from day to night. Henry's idea of tailoring also made the collection interesting by teaming a classic black pencil skirt with leather boots. It's as if many of these looks you can mix and match to create many more. I loved it.


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