7 January 2016

Pre-Fall 2016 : Escada

Escada is one of my favourite brands. I love the sophistication and femininity in conveys and brings to the industry. I feel as if the fashion house was made for me, as season after season, I fall more in love with the clothes and accessories they create. Escada is one of those incredible brands which some may not have heard of, but they are truly incredible. Underrated if you will. The brand's main clientele reside in North America, Europe and Asia and was founded in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley in Germany. Ever since then it has expanded into a successful fashion house, which I just see growing more and more successful with each season they present to us.

All the looks in this collection were wearable - and that's extremely important in fashion. Okay, maybe it is stating the obvious, but some see fashion as an art and sometimes create pieces that aren't in fact comfortable to wear daily - but Escada have produced a collection here that includes all the staple pieces every woman, well especially Escada customer, needs for her perfect wardrobe between that difficult transition between the summer and winter months. For this collection, Daniel Wingate (The Creative Director for Escada) turned to a strong and influencial woman for this collection, her name being Aleksandra Ekster, who was a russian painter and designer herself.

Aleksandra made an impression during the very early 20th century with her passion for the Art and Deco movement, in a more male-dominated art industry. So, Daniel Wingate wanted to have a strong vision for his collection and he achieved this and more. The inspiration he took was with colours and of course, the geometric shapes which were very popular during the Art-Deco phase. For the third look, there was a gorgeous midi skirt which had a large geometric contrasting print with the colours blue, white, navy and burgundy. Later introducing more circular prints and metallics and silk. Perhaps on paper, you would think this was too loud, but Daniel had this way of creating a subtle, yet attention-drawing collection. I adored the maxi skirt which was covered in primary colours, really venturing into the Art Deco feel, keeping the look wearable with a metallic grey top. It's all about balance, the balance between "less is more" and "more is more", Daniel just gets it where the two phrases meet. He balanced the bold prints with plain pieces. A striped coat, teamed with crisp white trousers and cami - A noisy monochrome jumper with a plain black draped skirt. The sillouhettes from the cropped flare black trousers, the denim look tweed suit and sequinned topped playsuit were perfect for the party season around Chrismas, and of course, the sequins and metallics screamed "Party Season Ready" - exactly what us girls need this season.


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