12 January 2016

Pre-Fall 2016 : Emporio Armani

Emporio's Girl Power

I haven't written about any of the Armani brands before, and it would have probably made more sense to write about the parent brand, Giorgio Armani before the diffusion ones. This collection was released first however, so I thought it would be good to write about them chronologically. Since I have only heard of the brands names, I thought I would research the brands online and find abit more about them, the background, the style and what generally differentiates them from each other. It seems that Giorgio has a large input into Emporio Armani as well as Giorgio Armani so that gave the impression to me that he was passionate about this particular diffusion brand. 

This collection was particularly quirky, retro and youthful. Perhaps designed for the more daring fashion lovers, with a fresh style and possibly targeted for the younger age. I feel that the collection was very high-street and not necessarily what I would have seen from a "luxury" brand but obviously, the fabrics, detail and time behind the pieces pushed the collection higher. It was very refreshing for me and was something that I particularly wasn't expecting so it was very interesting for me. What made the collection so down to earth and refreshing was the slogan tee, "Emporio's Girl Power", abit of lighthearted fun that just linked the collection so well, and perhaps explaining that fashion shouldn't be taken always so seriously and that women's fashion is incredibly powerful among the industry.

When there wasn't black and white, there was colour. It was all about the contrast with this collection.  The first look gave me an immediate insight into what this collection would be : fun, energetic and bold. The multicoloured striped interior of the jacket reflected the surprises we would see. An oversized red and white polka dot jacket, teamed with black knee high socks and platforms, transported us back to the 60s. A fuchsia coloured blazer teamed with jeans and brogues also presented us with a laid-back, casual feel - enforcing the masculine influence of the look. The oversized puffer jacket was one that I had never seen before, paired with a fluorescent lime clutch to give the look a bigger kick. On the contrary, there was some toned down looks - perhaps giving the ladies with a more tame sense of style a choice. A double breasted blazer styled dress, simply complimented with black knee high socks and burgundy chunky sandals was clean cut and fresh. The last look of the collection, a boyfriend styled grey blazer with a classic white roll neck and navy tailored trousers was classic Armani from what I would have thought - and I loved it. Would you be brave enough to pull off those lime green tights with yellow fur? Maybe not with the first thought, but for sure, Giorgio has almost certainly tempted us into trying something new. 


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