9 January 2016

Pre-Fall 2016 : Alexander Wang

It was only this year that Alexander Wang had given up his Creative Director position at Balenciaga. I for one, am so sad to see him leave the fashion house, I thought he brought something special to the collections. Having said that, I am sure that all his focus, creativity and ideas with solely go into his own brand now which makes me so excited to see what he brings.

Wang's 10th Anniversary of his brand was landmarked with the SS16 show in September, and this collection pretty much picked up from where he left off, giving us that classic Alexander Wang look we all know and love so much. Those huge studded platform sandals were the highlight. You could team those with any piece of clothing and it would already look edgy and strong. Backstage at the show Alexander said, "There was no big concept. This is how I see people dress around me." to me, this is so true as he tends to keep this sort of vibe throughout his collections. He's very specific about his style for the house, and wants to give the customer exactly what they want without changing the style every season. This is exactly why Alexander Wang is so admired, loved and successful ... because he stays true to himself.

The Mix and Match looks in this collection screamed Alexander Wang to me, although I find his seasonal collections more tamed than perhaps his shows - more wearable may be the correct word. Striped stockings teamed with pale platform sandals, a pink bomber jacket with palm trees embroided on the front with a gingham skirt? On paper, they clash - and indeed they do, but Alexander delivers the looks in such a way that it is just perfect and ever so right to look at it. Genius. When I look at Alexander Wang collections, I think to myself how much he is inspiring. He is so carefree, he doesn't follow rules. As a fashion house, this isn't your stereotypical luxury fashion house - but it's so successful because of how unique and different it is. I loved the leaf green coat teamed with the dark burgundy bag, as well as the leopard coat in the first look. He sends a message here that within fashion, anything goes - and being yourself and wearing what you like, is on trend.


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