16 December 2015

Spring/Summer 2016 : Stella McCartney

I've never written about a Stella McCartney collection before. However, over the past 6 months I have started to research her brand and I do truly love it. This collection is one that I truly did love. I always say less is more and my personal style tends to not have any jewellery involved. For me, summertime style needs to be effortless. It tends to be hot and bother in Summer and even people like myself who love fashion can't be bothered in the Summer. However, Stella's collection is effortless yet stylish, light and feminine. She applies this principles to alot of her collections and these looks definitely reflected that.

This collection had a big reception, not only from myself, but from the fashion industry too. I feel that Stella really knows how to dress a woman. Even though she produces some captivating evening gowns and looks (Remember that Rihanna white look in 2014?) in my opinion Stella is the Queen of casual. 

When it comes to Stella McCartney and her brand, I feel a very chloe-esque influence. This is inevitable, as she stepped into the footsteps of Karl Largerfeld and became the Creative Director of Chloe in March 1997. I think she created absolutely beautiful creations for the brand and I am so pleased that she has taken that influence and put it into her own namesake brand, which was founded and shown in Paris, in 2001. Having said all this, maybe it's Stella's take which she had incorporated into Chloe at the beginning. 

Knitwear was the foundation of the collection. Looking at other fashion houses' collections over the past few years, knitwear has become very popular which does counteract the actual purpose of knitwear - to keep your warm. Now, designers have reinvented knitwear and the fabrics. Much lighter and softer materials are incorporated into Spring/Summer collections and that's exactly what Stella turned to this year. Not only does it look fantastic, but it is also comfortable for casual wear which is obviously important to Stella. I know as a designer, she believes that fashion should not just be about the clothes and profit. She believes that there is so much more beneath. She thinks that clothes should represent a woman, make them feel strong, confident yet themselves and this is clear in this collection.

I also feel that Stella's collaboration with Adidas has also had a big influence on this collection. Layered looks, polo shirts, and stretchy tube skirts had a very active feel to them. Which was really refreshing to see. Another favourite of mine was the gorgeous pleated contrasting pink dress. I thought it was absolutely stunning. She used this in bold vibrant colours, joining the colourful season we have had this fashion month. Stella, is as a bold as anyone and this is why I love her as a designer so much. 

She reinvented signature looks of her brand to create something new this season too. Using Stella McCartney's classic suit, and turning it into a look that is perfect for the summer months. She took a white jacket, removed the sleeves and teamed it with a black set of trousers giving a more sophisticated yet fun look. I loved it. I love her passion for the industry, her creative takes and her completely different approach to fashion. I cannot wait to see what she's got in store for Pre-Fall 2016.


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