13 December 2015

Spring/Summer 2016 : Louis Vuitton

Now, this was something I really didn't expect. Modern, futuristic and electric are the three words I would use to describe Nicolas Ghesquire's collection here with Louis Vuitton. Over the past few seasons, I had noticed Louis Vuitton changing. More robotic almost, very very modern and future inspired. I feel that Nicolas has completely reinvented Louis Vuitton so to speak, and it appears popular with the industry and his clients.

This day and age is all about digital technology. We live and breathe it. Everywhere we go, we cannot escape from the world that has engulfed us with it's power and movement. Nicolas had most certainly acknowledged this with his SS16 collection. It really did grow on me. When I visited the Louis Vuitton : Series 3 exhibition, I could see there that Nicolas has transferred Louis Vuitton to a digital age. This is what is so good, is that he is moving the brand with the times, aswell as the fashion.

Nicolas had been appointed Louis Vuitton's Creative Director in 2014, and in this short time, he has completely renewed the whole brand...for the better. His love for travel is apparent within his collections. This reflects the brand's initial speciality, creating luggage and bags since 1854 for heavy duty. So, the correlation is definitely there. His passion for the brand is undeniable as is his passion for his surroundings and the future of the world, and it shows in the brilliance of his collections. He said, "We are all living with this new dimension. We are all managing how to integrate these new notions of digital, virtual and cyber with out real life."

He has also been noted as a fan of Sci-Fi throughout his life, and this was the foundation of this seasons feel. Silver and metallics teamed with aggressive fabrics really reflected this. He wanted the silver embroidery and silver decoration to really take us to the digital world - and to have some fun. He said also that he wanted light within the collection - with a contrast of coldness. With the heavy black cleated shoes and the leather jackets contrasted with the LV Monogramme - this was exactly that to a T. It's as if Louis Vuitton takes us on a journey - which gets us all very excited.

I could compare this collection to that of Saint Laurent. Very Rock n Roll - with that aggressive edge. However, for some reason, it still comes across feminine. It just works. On paper, it's not meant to, but it really does. It's genius. It kind of changed your opinion on what fashion can be and that individuality is key. It's all about being yourself, carefree and having fun. Travel is such an important part at the heart of the brand, and cleverly, Nicolas has travelled us into the future with this fantastic collection.


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