21 December 2015

Pre-Fall 2016 : Fendi

I adore Fendi. It's different from other brands. Stylish, Unique and exceptionally modern. It is truly one of my favourite labels. I say that about so many, but Fendi always offer something different with each collection. This particular collection was actually very different. Nothing to what I had expected. 

It seems as though Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi have definitely kept their reputation of producing immaculate Fur pieces - proven in this collection. It also seems that they were definitely inspired by lounge and nightwear. Robes? Who knew for outside the house? Platformed Slipper inspired shoes were teamed with every single look this time - which was different but by no means unapplaudable.

So much colour was incorporated into this set. Teals, Blues, Pinks, Reds - it was a khalidoscope of colour - making the looks much more interesting (if that's even possible). Karl brings so much to Fendi and I love that he gives two completely creative minds to Chanel and Fendi. The brands couldn't be anymore different and I feel that he had fun doing this one. Likewise to Valentino's SS16 collection, Fendi had brought some cultural infleunces into the looks. Geometric and exaggerated patterns made the looks even more eccentric and "out there" more than they already were, making this one of Karl's most experimental collections for Fendi


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