21 December 2015

Pre - Fall 2016 : Elie Saab

Now this was something completely different to what I was expecting from Elie Saab. Never did I think, I would see chunky gladiator style sandals and wellington boots incorporated into an Elie Saab collection. On paper, anyone who knows Elie Saab collections would have almost certainly raised eyebrows - but, this just works, and it's so great to see something different from what I am usually presented with from this brand. Obviously, these wellies had an Elie Saab take on them, being presented with beautiful embroidery and lace - but anyhow, these aren't the classic wellies I would personally opt to wear at a festival or in dismal weather. 

Of course, we did see Elie Saab's beautiful embroidered pieces make appearances teamed with soft fur and lace - giving us a dark romantic collection this time around. I absolutely adored it. Likewise to previous collections, Saab had me mesmerised, but this time not because of the delicacy, the crystals, the sequins and the embroidery... It was the casual looks that really did the talking this time. I noticed a change of tune from Elie Saab when Kendall and Gigi walked his last show with much shorter lengthed pieces, striped and more of a sporty undertone to his looks. It's evident that like many labels, he is moving his designs with the times and really venturing into pleasing his younger customers, aswell as his current ones.

In contrast to previous collections, this one was predominately black. Maybe Elie Saab was leaning towards a more edgy and powerful effect, contrasting against his usual soft and feminine looks. This was apparent in the beautiful laced torso playsuit, which was contrasted against a masculine black belt. As previously mentioned, Elie Saab has still kept his current clients in mind and hasn't totally turned to the "dark side." He has incorporated a beautiful embellished bomber jacket, a gorgeous pale blue look finished with a small fur shawl and an absolutely exquisite silver gown, again finished with a fur shawl, with a beautiful pearl blue undertone. It's safe to say, that whatever Elie Saab does venture into, he always has his beautiful delicate creations to fall back on.


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