23 December 2015

Pre-Fall 2016 : Chanel

Who knew there was a dark side to Chanel? Who knew there was a sexy side to Chanel? I didn't until now, and didn't it make an impact. Leather Skirts? Leather Jackets? with laced tights? Who knew that Karl could bring a more wild feel to Chanel? I absolutely adore it. 

Paris had been taken to Rome with this Pre-Fall 2016 collection. It's not a secret that Karl loves to create a performance, rather than just a stereotypical fashion show. He loves to bring something more. Watching the Métiers d'Art Show I was taken to a different world. A world set in Paris, decades before now. This show had an outstanding set, and I wish I was there to soak up the view and have had experienced it in person. Because I loved the show so much from watching it on video, it became a huge interest of mine to look into the show, the craftsmanship of the clothes and the behind the scenes of the show - and just as I had imagined, it truly was fascinating.

I am a very loyal client of Chanel and I have a few pieces across a few collections from the brand. I must say that the quality of the pieces are extraordinary. Chanel is what I would define as luxury fashion. The detailing, fabrics and ideas that are incorporated into the brand's pieces is actually mind-blowing. By watching some of the pieces from the Métiers d'Art Show be created, it really did occur to me at how much preparation and talent comes to Chanel - it truly is more than meets the eye, and I think that's what makes me love Chanel so much.

Margareth Made, Francesca Inaudi and Kristen Stewart
Despite Karl's sexy approach at the start of the Métiers d'Art collection, he still was able to keep the looks classy, feminine and sophisticated. Chanel is known for it's commitment to it's history, and Coco Chanel is always the inspiration behind every collection. Karl has never changed her view on fashion and has always ensured the brand had conveyed a vintage and Parisian feel. As Kristen Stewart said, you can see a woman in the street and instantly know the woman is Parisian, usually by the stereotypical way she dresses and Chanel had really amplified that tonight. The collection was so effortless and sleek - giving us a collection that had us all gasping in awe.

Contrasting against the pretty and classy feel the collection did still have, with beautiful embellished pink looks gracing the catwalk, it was without a doubt, powerful and strong - oozing confidence and beauty which is what fashion is all about. Making a woman the best version of herself.

Karl knows Italy very well, he spends a lot of time working there, which he had stated in an interview after the show. He has a strong passion for Rome and I think he wanted to bring both Paris and Rome together with this powerful collection. I think this is one of his best at Chanel. In the 1950s Chanel was known for dressing famous actresses, which is what has given Karl the inspiration for his Métiers   d'Art show today. He had an very detailed vision in what he wanted to bring, and he brought it with such elegance and such grace, that this collection was a huge success in terms of it's appraisal and reviews. I think Karl's keen eye to detail makes Chanel, as well as his other creations of course, so fabulous. The fabrics, the crystals, the incredible embellishment of tie-dyed flowers on the dresses make the collection just that little bit special and I for one, cannot wait to see it in person.


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