13 December 2015

PFW : Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2016

I always say that fashion should make women feel like princesses ... but I had never thought of this version of a princess. A sexy, wild and fun one. Most of the models at the SS16 Saint Laurent show were wearing tiaras, giving the industry and whole new aspect of what feeling like a million dollars is. Being true to yourself, and being you.

Hedi Slimane, has transformed the brand into a power one. The evidence is in the sales. He dropped the "Yves" from "Yves Saint Laurent" and has truly given the label a completely new look. Like Alessandro Michele has done at Gucci. The popularity for Saint Laurent is becoming fast growing - and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon. It's nice to see that Hedi has, in his classic pieces for Saint Laurent, stuck to the classic tuxedo jacket for women which was created by Yves Saint Laurent himself in 1961, but has also brought in his own ideas and influence. He is not only a fashion photographer but a designer and from 2000 - 2007, was creative director of "Dior Homme." He really has broken down Saint Laurent, and has totally changed it into something different. He holds no boundaries and anything goes with him. He teams dresses with wellies! Who would have thought this ever in fashion, let alone in high-end luxury fashion? I cannot say it doesn't work however, I absolutely love it.

Slimane has that touch where he can throw something like this collection to the industry, and it be so widely appreciated and accepted. Saint Laurent isn't for everyone, it definitely is a required taste in terms of the looks that he presents. Having said this, the revenue for the brand speaks otherwise, and it seems as if Saint Laurent really is being recognised by everyone - even those women who prefer Dior or Chanel. As I have said in previous posts, fashion is all about mixing and matching different pieces to create your own unique look and this is exactly what Hedi is expressing this season. 

I loved the contrast between the jackets and dresses this season. He made this a highlight from the start. I absolutely adored the 5th look of the show, the dress and fur shawl teamed with wellies? On paper this should just not work, but why is it that visually this is genius? I can't explain it but it is brilliant. The leather jacket made an appearance this season, followed with denim jackets, fur jackets and even a camouflage one which I can see on Ellie Goulding. I love that one myself.

I must say that I have two pairs of Saint Laurent heels and they are up there with my favourites. So comfortable and elegant, which is a contrast with what we have seen from Hedi. The classic black scrappy shoes will never date, and you can even see them here. 

I loved the ending to this show. The long dresses. They are divine, elegant and beautiful. The classic slip on silk dress. It's one of my favourite looks in fashion - but ever so hard to pull off. It seems as though Hedi has thought of every single version of this he could, different shapes cuts and even colours. He nailed it this year.


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