9 December 2015

PFW : Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2016

I am a huge fan of Christian Dior. It's an absolutely beautiful brand. So luxurious and gorgeous - every collection is perfect. This show, located on Rue de Rivoli in Paris was extremely busy and packed. All to get a glimpse of Rihanna perhaps, but inside is where the magic was really happening. Raf Simmons, Dior's Creative Director, hard at work, ensuring that all the final looks were put together properly and the show was ready to take place. Since i visited Paris in March - I have developed a sort of soft spot for Christian Dior. It was at their french flagship on Avenue Montaigne, that I visited the store and it was one of the best shopping experiences. I entered to a huge decoration of fresh flowers and it was truly like a museum so to speak.  The bags were stacked on shelves up to the huge ceiling around a circular room. It was honestly mesmerising, and if you are ever around that area I would recommend taking a look because it is truly remarkable. Christian Dior himself was known to work there so it's not only a store but a monument for the brand. Since the visit, Dior has become a favourite of mine.

I feel that with luxury brands, it's not just about the clothes. It's about the stores, the shows and most importantly - the brand's image. Dior conveys such a lovely and captivating image, which has commonly come across as one of the world's most expensive and lavish labels. I personally, could not agree more, it really is a delight. The atmosphere at the SS16 show reflected this to a T. The tent that covered the show was draped in thousands of delphiniums which I wish I was there to see. There was so much going on outside the venue with the chaos of people seeing Rihanna, but inside was a contrast. Raf Simons said backstage that he wanted to keep it calm and quiet, "It's a calm one, and very soft-away from the overdone. I didn't want to embellish. So I was thinking about the South-of-France rainbows and simple things. And there is a bit of Victoriana, something of that film Picnic at Hanging Rock. With a slight sexual undertone of darkness."

I did think that when I first saw the collection that there really was a lack of embellishment, but I actually really loved that. It's been all about the fabrics this season, and I think sometimes with Spring/Summer, less is actually more. I feel like Raf Simons designs for the woman who loves to look feminine, dainty and elegant. He never goes "over the top" and tends to really have a particular client in mind - granting every of Dior's loyal clients their fashion wishes. He has a brilliant mind when it comes to fashion - tending to start trends that carry on seasons why he is doing something new. I initially saw the "Nightdress" trend come back last year for his SS15 show. Brands are still doing this trend - but Raf, has moved onto something else. Something i noticed with this collection is that it started with a very limited colour palette - a monochrome feel with a slight pop of colour with the bags - although this was very limited. I like this but it wasn't something I was expecting for summer - but with Dior, it just works. 

Raf Simons is so perfect at creating lovely, delicate pieces. I feel that this collection was more delicate than previous collections of his at Diors. His pleating and tailoring is always perfect and that is why Dior is one of my favourites for this. I could compare Dior to Chloe, but Dior is even more softer and delicate. It really is beautiful. I loved the sweaters he had incorporated into the collection to contrast against the lightness of the scalloped finished shorts. I loved the reverse bust-line of the sweaters because not only is it so flattering, but I have never seen it be done before. Another highlight for me was the bags. The "Diorama" bag was slightly different to what we have seen before with the "CD" being noticeable, creating a perfect finish to an upcoming iconic bag. My personal favourite was the gold - which can not only be used in Summer but is also perfect for the festive season in Winter.


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