6 December 2015

PFW : Chloe Spring/Summer 2016

Chloe is such an amazing brand. It's so feminine, soft, fragile and lovely. It is definitely a brand for those girly girls. For some reason, Claire Waight Keller could design a suit for Chloe - but it would still look feminine and soft. I don't know what is is.

Claire has definitely put her interest in the 1990s into this particular collection. The bohemian and hippie vibe that we all expect from Chloe was there, with her venturing out into "tracksuits" which is something that I did NOT expect at all. It worked though, and thats what actually look me aback. On the attendees' of the shows"s seats was a note that wrote : "This season's collection is a tribute to girls named Kate, Chloe, Cecilia, Corinne, Rosemary, Emma, and Courtney, who embody the liberty and the elegance of a perfectly mastered and excessively livid simplicity." She also added; "There's such a fast pace to fashion now; I think we've lost the innocence of the spirit of fashion, the youthful optimism that it portrays and I think there's something quite joyful about fashion that's been missing." I think she has definitely reflected this statement - giving us innocence, care-free, youthful, yet beautiful and confident pieces which empowers a woman, whilst looking like a lady. I think that has always been her priority whilst working at Chloe.

I feel that Chloe differentiates from other luxury brands because of it's minimalistic and somewhat casual look. There are rarely any accessories seen on the catwalk, except those in the form of bags and an occasional delicate piece. I like that - its contrasts with brands such as Dolce and Gabbana who really do go to town with the accessories. Claire lets the materials and fabrics do the talking. It's easy for anyone to see that the fabrics used in her collections not only look beautiful but feel beautiful to wear. It has a playful yet mature aura around it, agreeing with my motto that fashion is always fun and enjoyable. It shouldn't be a chore. The playful feel came with the tracksuits she unveiled at the start, and then showed us the more typical "off the shoulder" romantic like playsuits and dresses, embroidered with bright stitching and created with soft fabrics.

I was also a fan of the oversized, fraying denim looks. I think slouchy looks that incorporate denim are so lovely in summer - casual yet stylish. The effortless look during Summer is always on trend. I know that this collection will do so well and the 90s inspiration will definitely catch the eye of those women who perhaps wasn't interested in 90s fashion beforehand. I think the small bags are so cute and practical during summer - as I think like myself, most women don't like carrying a huge bag and lots of things during the summer heat. I love!

Claire Waight Keller


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