10 December 2015

PFW : Chanel Spring/Summer 2016

Chanel will always have my heart. I think it's such an iconic, beautiful and perfect brand. Everything about Chanel is impeccable and so well put together - not just the clothes, not just the brand image but the show itself. I think Karl Lagerfeld is a genius when it comes to Chanel. In the Grand Palais in Paris, Karl had changed it to Chanel Airlines. I loved the whole concept. Every season he has transformed a setting - creating an actual "Show" rather than just a typical fashion show. Previously, he had installed a Chanel Brasserie and a Chanel Casino. The show itself reflected how we all feel at Airports - maybe not walking around in Chanel and pulling Chanel luggage, but the mayhem and chaos was there. It was a brilliant idea and made the show very enjoyable. I love how he thinks outside the box and brings something different to Fashion Week. I think he chose to use the airlines as a theme as his collection did include luggage, tracksuits and very casual, comfy daywear - which we can all relate to when travelling. He included flats, which were different from the AW15 show he chose, and also sunglasses for tired and jet-lag arrivals.

Of course, Karl has made the idea of travelling much more glamourous saying, "It's the idea of how it should look!" - and I do agree. Coming back to when I said that Karl is a genius, he truly is a very talented designer. He produced over 100 looks today at the Grand Palais and it was as if there are multiple collections inter winded into one. Not just this, but he also designs for Fendi and his namesake brand, "KARL LAGERFELD." Is there anything this man can't do?

Colour. Colour. Colour. Everything that I want to see within a Spring/Summer collection. Surprisingly this season I actually haven't seen much colour this season during Fashion Month, but I feel like this collection really had made up for lack of. Some pieces were quite literally a khalidoscope of colour and it was as if Karl held no boundaries in this aspect. I feel that with clothes, colour is so important to express your personality and is so essential in creating a bold, yet wearable look. Some may say some looks are quite way out to wear on a daily basis, but with fashion, I believe it is all about mixing and matching different pieces together to create a look that is perfect for you and your mood.

One thing that I particularly liked about this collection, is that it had a totally new look, and the iconic Chanel suits came later. Leisure Jackets, colourful cashmere sweaters and even denim was in tune this season. I liked the denim looks - I thought it was different and I haven't ever really seen that come from Chanel before. I loved the whole collection, there was so much going on but it all just worked. An appearance from Cara also made the show - I'm such a huge fan of hers and she's rarely seen during Fashion Month due to commitments with her acting, but I think she will always have a soft spot for Chanel and her campaigns with them have been some of my favourites. 

There was so much creativity and twists in the collection. The geometric patterns were beautiful and the looks with the long skirts were so feminine and oh so Chanel! You never know what you are going to get with Karl - and I cannot wait to see the AW16 collection.


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  1. Love reading your blog posts, I learn and discover so much about the new collections and well known designers.



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