30 November 2015

New Found Love : Runway 96

As a blogger and genuine fashion lover, I LOVE finding new brands who do pieces that reflect my personal style. A brand, I would love to share with you is, Runway 96. In this post, I'll introduce you to the brand, swell as show them their amazing AW15 collection and other pieces that are much needed in every girl's wardrobe! These 10 looks are all looks I would wear which makes me love the brand even more. You'll notice that several pieces are used several times which is also great, proving you can create many different looks with one piece!! (Especially the White Alexa Shirt!!) Click on the text to access the link to the item and happy shopping!

Look 1
Look 2 
 Look 3

 Look 4

 Look 5

Look 6
Look 7

Look 8
Look 9
Look 10

Other Favourites...


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