30 November 2015

MFW : Prada Spring/Summer 2016

Prada never fails to surprise, and impress. Many women love Prada for their classic beautiful handbags, but I really think Prada should be more exposed in terms of their clothing. They hold no bounds or limits - the brand really does cater for the modern woman. Who loves colour, beautiful fabrics and doesn't mind standing out from the crowd.

Vertical stripes were a huge feature within this collection, which is perfect for smaller ladies like me, as they make you appear taller and more slender. It's so flattering to wear, and the designer, Fabio Zambernadi, obviously had this in mind. Fashion is all about making you feel confident, empowered and gorgeous. Skirt Suits were a huge feature which is also one of my favourite looks, as not only is it classy and sophisticated, but the highwaisted pencil skirt is flattering on all body shapes. The looks were accompanied by very bold accessories, which some may think twice about, but for some reason... it just works.

Backstage at Prada SS16.
Prada have always kind of stepped out the box when designing each season. They don't hold back and deliver and deliver with every collection, making the fashion industry, editors and magazines gasp in awe at the beauty that graces the runway. Overall, the trend from Milan Fashion Week shows has been retro, 70s/80s Vibes with an italian influence riding throughout - and Prada has definitely been at the centre of this description. For decades, Miuccia Prada has always incorporated that influence. Even within the Miu Miu brand, which she is also the mastermind behind - this tends to be why there are similarities behind both Prada and Miu Miu. I loved the shoes in this collection, classic elegant and impeccably made. The low heel, pointed toe, sling back design really brought the classic prada look into a what was, to be fair, a very modern and bold collection. The suits came in stripes, tweeds and checks which I particularly loved. Being perfect for both work and occasions. It's known that most women won't necessarily brave the whole look which has been put together for each model on the runway, but people tend to mix and match pieces to create a look which is perfect for them - and thats the fun part of fashion!

Backstage at Prada SS16.

Another thing that not only have I noticed, but the world has, is that Miuccia Prada never thinks of weather-appropriate fashion. She just thinks of what looks good and what would make her clients fall in love. She finds heavy fur coats just as important in Summer, as flimsy came dresses with light material are in Winter. They do say, Fashion before Comfort! Coats in snakeskin were featured in this collection which were absolutely mesmerising, and pleated skirts graced the runway which are more perfect for summer, paired with beautiful pointed flats, finished with a ball on top. The looks were cute!

The bags were somewhat different, but I absolutely loved them. My personal rule for fashion is that things don't need to match, and thats exactly what this collection proves. None of the bags, typically, matched the clothing they were paired with - but it just WORKS. The bags were rather different to what you would consider as a classic prada bag, but I loved that. I love seeing something different.


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