21 September 2015

Spring/Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Altuzarra

I have personally only really associated Altuzarra with shoes. I had never really seen any of his incredible designs with clothing, but only with shoes - which are, absolutely amazing. I have never seen a pair of shoes by this brand which I dislike or wouldn't wear myself. This collection is very similar to something that I would have expected Victoria Beckham to produce, but it was great to see that sort of influence with a completely different designer.

I would describe this collection as quite "light", and with it being a SS16 set, this is perfect for the hot weather. Overall, the colour palette was natural with I am a particular fan of. For a designer, Joseph Altuzarra, is particular young at 32 years old, and it's great to see a young designer able to be recognised with such an established brand. His youthfulness does come through the looks with twists and creativity which I love. The collection was also very nature inspired which is what I initially noticed when I first saw the looks. He said himself,

"“Very serene, about the beauty of materials which are close to nature, like linen, cotton and burlap; things which are not fussy, and meant to look wrinkled.”

The collection was highly dependant on the fabrics and textural aspects, which I thought was very fresh and interesting. I loved the high heeled espadrilles which Joseph thought outside the box with. I am a huge fan of heels, and espadrilles, so the two combined was a heaven sent for me. Linen was a highlight fabric, which just added to the freshness of the clothes. In addition, the added tie-died pieces gave a relaxed and fun feel to an otherwise very natural and safe collection.

Joseph Altuzarra

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