14 September 2015

Spring/Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is probably one of the most talented young designers within the industry. Being creative director of both Balenciaga and his namesake brand, the drive, motivation and talent is incredible.

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I love Alexander Wang's collections because he is so carefree. He doesn't care what the industry says, he cares what his clients say, he cares about his fans and supporters. Every collection, he delivers and delivers to the men and women who love his diversity and modernism.

Alexander has always been a breath of fresh air within fashion week, and has always loved to put on a show. This show, marking his 10th anniversary, has most definitely lived up to that. This year has been a big one for Alexander Wang. He had decided not to renew his contract with Balenciga  and having such a short term with a brand could always tarnish a young designer's career and profile, but it seems as if Wang has come out stronger than ever. Keeping his by his unique spin on fashion, bringing edgy and futuristic pieces, the iconic wang vibe has yet again been as hot and anticipated. Announcing the news of departing from Balenciaga, Wang has expressed his desire to focus on his own brand, and I cannot wait to see what he will come up with.

Chunky shoes, bomber jackets, leather trousers, tassled jumpers and caged tops were highlights, giving us the classic Wang taste we all know and love. As Wang has said, "the word modern is thrown around loosely" but his collections are the exact definition of that, with aspects of freedom and creativity. The tomboy woman, or woman who likes to experiment with fashion will absolutely love this collection - and although I am a huge fan of the classic, tailored looks - I for one have definitely joined the club.

Alexander Wang

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