15 September 2015

Spring/Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear : Victoria Beckham

It only feels like a few weeks ago I was writing about the VB Resort 2016 which I absolutely loved. Everything about it fit in with my own personal style, and I really related to the collection.

Equally, I absolutely adored this collection from Mrs Beckham herself. It wasn't something I didn't expect at all and actually took me by surprise. When you think of the VB brand you automatically think tailoring. She's known for her passion with tailored pieces but this collection absolutely counteracted that, and it was great to see her come out of her shell and venture into something different - and nails it! " I'm a Sponge" Victoria said backstage, referring to her constant travels and how she takes in the atmosphere and put the inspiration into this season's collection. Living in Los Angeles and regularly coming back to London can obviously be seen as a foundation to these looks. The just above-the-ankle midi lengths is a complete contrast against her classic tailored, fitted hourglass dresses and evening wear. Maybe this is now, a thing of the past?

With this collection, there was no look that remotely looked the typical VB look. I loved that. Casual cool with a touch of the Victoria elegance. Where there were once platform heels and towering stilettos have now been replaced with backless loafers. Being feminine isn't about being uncomfortable next season, and the queen of heels herself, is now proving that class can be done with flats!

I loved this collection because it is laid back too. During the summer seasons, we want to be comfortable yet still stylish, this collections says I have worked hard to achieve this luxurious style, but I don't need to show that off. Feeling good and comfortable, whilst looking sleek and stylish is what it is all about.

Victoria Beckham

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