3 September 2015

Resort 2016 : Balmain

It was only recently that I was able to go to the VOGUE festival in London and watch the talk between Alexa Chung and Olivier Rousteing. I was lucky enough to be chosen to ask Rousteing a question in which I asked him if, as a creative director, did he have any input in the design of the store. I can't remember what he said word to word, but he said as a creative director it isn't just the clothes. It's the brand, the brand image, the stores, everything. Ever since, Olivier has been an inspiration for myself. Coming from an adopted family in France with a comfortable, although not wealthy, background - he has really made something of himself, and people who have drive and ambition like that really do inspire and motivate me.

This is one of my favourite Balmain collections. Recently over the past few weeks, I have seen the stars all grace the red carpet in Balmain. It was only in July that Rousteing was in London working on the much anticipated, Balmain x H&M collection. More exciting news for Rousteing, that a NYC store is set to open later this year, with the brand expanding stores across the globe to China, Dubai and cities like Los Angeles. With Balmain, the collections always reflect the independence, sexiness and empowerment go women. It's always got a military undertone, which represents the confidence and strength in his collections. All women who have worn Balmain, like myself, instantly feel a million dollars and I am sure that is exactly what Rousteing wants his clients to feel.

I always feel that Balmain offers something different to the fashion industry. It's something extraordinary, captivating and sexy. 

This collection had a foundation of earthy undertones which I loved. Unlike his last AW15 collection which saw bright, bold colour-blocked numbers lighting up the catwalk, this collection was more subtle with the colour palette. There was obviously hints of bold numbers, but overall the colours were pretty relaxed. I feel like Rousteing had tried out different things with this collection too. He introduced  "tie up" looks which I adored (as seen on Kim Kardashian West at the 2015 VMAs) swell as frills, which was something I didn't expect. I absolutely adore this collection! Another fantastic set from Balmain.


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