25 August 2015

Fall 2015 Haute Couture : Chanel

I always look forward to the Chanel shows, whether they are Haute Couture of Ready-to-Wear. With Chanel fashion shows, it's not just about the clothes, which is something I love. Karl Lagerfeld takes into consideration the experience and the atmosphere. More often than not, each show has a theme. For example, the Spring Haute Couture show was a spring garden which was so beautiful, and the last Fall Ready-to-Wear show was based on Parisian cafe culture. I think that is what makes Chanel such an anticipated show, which just adds to the excitement.

The show started with the casino set and roulette tables being completely deserted, leaving us waiting for what was to come. One by one, famous faces began to stride through the set. These included Karl's favourite women, Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore, Lily-Rose Depp, Vanessa Paradis, Rita Ora and Lara Stone. The thing that I love about Chanel is that Karl never really moves the brand with the times. Lots of brands like to become more modern to fit in with today's customer, but Chanel has always stayed true to it's roots. Karl has never ventured into something new with Chanel. Don't get me wrong, he makes different changes with every collection, but the classic and iconic 20's style that Chanel is infamous for, is always current and displayed.

Thats why I love Chanel so much - because it is classic, feminine and pretty. It's so lovely and the quality that it exhibits is indescribable. Perfection. The reflection of the casino theme against this Haute Couture collection was deliberate. Karl said, "I gamble with collections more than ever, I'm always telling myself : you can do better. You're lazy. You can make an effort." Having this perfectionist attitude must work in his favour by producing these fantastic collections.


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