10 August 2015

Fall 2015 Couture : Christian Dior

This is by far one of my favourite Christian Dior collections by Raf Simons. He has taken inspiration from the 1940s and 50s for this collection, which really takes us back in time with the Dior brand. I believe this was intentional. He said : "Dior is always a fairytale … no matter what I am doing." and with every collection he brings to us, the fairytail underlay is always visible and loved.

I feel like with Dior, its a very luxurious, delicate and pretty brand. The pieces are always so soft and light which really corresponds to the typical Dior client. Having Rihanna, who oozes sex appeal and empowerment, star in their latest campaign gives the brand more diversity and moves themselves out from their typical clientele to become more of a strong and empowering brand.

Although simple and pretty, the embellishment and detail within this Couture collection was impeccable. The simplicity was complimented by the complicated detailing to create these beautiful and luxurious designs. This collection is definitely for the women who are girly and not afraid to dress up and feel like a princess.

Simons states that that the design process for this collection started with a basic square blanket, into which he cut holes and sewed on sleeves, so the looks were born. I think it's incredible how a designer can just translate an image straight into craft. The result from this technique was the beautiful capes that have been incorporated which I think is going to have a huge influence on the highstreet fashion this Autumn/Winter. There was movement and there was beauty, and I think this is the main foundation within this Couture set. The amount of outerwear included in this collection was perfectly balanced with pretty dresses and lightweight fabrics. Pretty white chiffon and velvet materials created the luxury feel to the looks, which will give the woman a sense of empowerment and confidence. Which is something, us ladies love. A huge highlight for me, being a shoe enthusiast, was the contrasting, sequinned platforms which I wouldn't have expected from Dior, but it just works. Comfort and Beauty is possible ladies!

Raf Simons


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