17 July 2015

Shoeaholics.com : SALE £39 and Under!!!! (plus comp to win 39 pairs of shoes!)

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am a true shoeaholic. I am obsessed - I believe a girl can never have enough shoes. My pairs of shoes take up most of my wardrobe space, and even have to be placed around my room because I have run out of space! Shoes complete and outfit and add the finishing touch to a killer look.

I am so happy that one of my favourite brands (www.shoeaholics.com) is running a sale from the 14th until the 20th July, with incredible branded shoes such as Kurt Geiger, Carvela by Kurt Geiger and Miss KG. I think it's sooooooo fab that you can get these amazing brands at discounted prices. What more can you want?? Treat yourself!!!!!

The 5 pairs of my favourite shoes are in the images above that are all included in the sale (WOOP WOOP!!!). I do usually wear heels, on a daily and nightly basis. I'm quite small so I always add height where I can, but I also chose a pair of flats because as us girl know, the pain of heels is sometimes just too much.

1. Milo : Carvela Kurt Geiger

I'll start with writing about the pair of flats I chose. With flats, I always go for a more structured shoe. I find with flimsy ballet pumps, my feet can hurt because there are no support. These however, are the perfect flat for me. They're a gorgeous grey/blue colour which is easy to wear, and the gold detailing with the animal heads just add that little touch to complete it.

2. Aztec : Carvela Kurt Geiger

This is probably one of my favourite set of heels out of the 5 I chose. They're soooooo cute! I love the snakeskin neon detailing against the nude which sets off the shoes and would definitely pop against a simple and plain outfit. They're super comfy aswell, and just add an extra detail to a classic pump shoe.

3. Havana : KG Kurt Geiger

These pair of shoes are more sexy and "barely there" which I love. I'm a huge fan of barely there shoes, as I think they look good with any look, whether that's flamboyant or simple. I love the rope and gold detailing at the front which just gives it a bit of interest rather than being completely plain. 

4. Gridlock : Carvela Kurt Geiger

Lace up shoes are an obsession for shoe lovers this year. They're amazinggggg. They add some extra ompft to an outfit and can instantly give an outfit a more killer look. Seen on the runway from most designers, us girls can not go wrong with a pair of simple, black lace ups. These, however, still have that feminine feel. They're not boots so they're perfect to wear with dresses and skirts, but still have the dainty and feminine feel. The silver stiletto heel adds a luxurious detail to the shoe which I love!

5. Pink Glisten : Carvela Kurt Geiger

I absolutely adore these heels. They are beautiful! There is so much detail in the shoes which will definitely get heads turning! These shoes do the talking, and I would suggest a plain and simple outfit with these. The pink snakeskin is so pretty and the gold detailing just finishes the look off with a sexy feel. They're so comfortable too so are perfect for a night out!

These aren't the only shoes in the sale ladies so I would definitely suggest taking a browse through www.shoeaholics.com and when you sign up to the newsletter you get an extra 15% off!! What more could you want?!

In addition, there is an instagram competition being held where you could be given the chance to win 39 pairs of shoes (39!!!!!!). All you have to do is follow the instructions below and post on instagram! Good luck Ladies!!  xxxxxx

M x

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