29 July 2015

Resort 2016 : Victoria Beckham

This isn't the first Resort collection which Victoria Beckham has designed, but it is however, the first she has decided to show to the press. She was asked why she thought that this particular collection was ready to be released to the press and cameras and she replied, "I feel like I know my customer now, what she wants from me." 

She has definitely been showing off her collection before the big reveal with these images, by wearing her collection out-and-about. She was seen wearing the beautiful red ribbon tweeded suit, which I personally took a love to. It's so gorgeous, and she wore it just as it needed to be worn. I love that Beckham creates her collections to suit herself too. I like that her personality and image comes out when she designs, its so original and makes the brand different from the rest. She keeps the femininity and empowerment whilst still sticking to her signature tailored and somewhat masculine style. Although, her last collection did contain many floral and girly dresses.

With this collection, Victoria had pushed out more into outerwear and knitwear. Which is my favourite aspect of Victoria's collections - she nails it completely. Even though this collection is quite limited in regards to the amount of looks, but every single one is artistic yet wearable. The simplicity and modern feel of Victoria's designs is what makes her brand so successful as a multi-million pound brand. It's incredible. I feel that she has such an influence on the highstreet. Wearing VB is really taking the british fashion to the max. Victoria is known to be proud to be british, and I think she takes this in her stride - this is why I love her so much.


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