3 June 2015

Resort 2016 : Escada

If you have read some of my previous posts before, you will know power dressing and tailoring has a huge influence on my personal style and also what I write about. It's a style of dressing I love because not only does it empower your character and how people see you, but it adds a luxury feel to any outfit - whether your outfit is Prada or Primark.

Escada have really captured that vibe with this collection. The smart casual, and smart formal wear came together to prove a very classic and strong set. I loved the feminine contrast to it too - makes it more wearable. By Escada incorporating pastel pinks and soft fabrics - it gives off a different feel from being too sharp like brands such as Saint Laurent. For me, a collection is always good when it shoes a variety of different looks. Escada kept a repetitive theme throughout, but really had the diverse colour palette with the colours which are going to be bang on trend in 2016.

This collection is perfect for those women who really want to start feeling good at work. Most work environments require a certain dress code, and if you work in an office environment or within a job that requires smart looks - then this collection is perfect for you! Having said this, the collection is perfect for off-duty chic - with a classic and smart twist which I love. Off the shoulder sweaters teamed with white palazzo trousers and flats is perfect for going out for lunch or shopping with the friends. As the collection progressed, Esacada started showing off the gorgeous gowns which are in the set. A particular favourite of mine was the silver dress with the draped back. It is absolutely beautiful, and the cut is flawless. Another item of clothing which really caught my eye was the sleeveless trench. These are so hot on the highstreet, so its great to see Escada actually bring that back to the Resort 2016 collection, so investing in one of these would be fab for all year round!


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