19 May 2015

Resort 2016 : Tomas Maier

I am so super excited about this post as it is a brand I have never heard of before let alone write about. Within fashion, everyday is a new one - its ever changing, and because I am so passionate about the industry, its so exciting and interesting to discover new brands and what they do differently to others. I am so inspired by the lesser known brands as well as the big ones. Obviously, before I wrote this post, I thought it would be a good idea for me to look more into Tomas Maier himself and see what he is all about.

Tomas Maier is a german-born designer, and he is regarded as the "second most important German designer" after Karl Lagerfeld (now that is a huge statement!). He is also the creative director of Bogetta Venetta, and if you read my post only recently, you will instantly see a similar connection between the two collections. This collection really does have that Bogetta Venetta relaxed feel - which I am loving at the moment. Reading up about this collection, I discovered that Maier has really dived into the more sweats and tracksuits vibe, which is a different muse within the industry of course.

One thing that appealed to me so much about this particular Resort 2016 collection was the diversity within it. It was so relaxed yet luxurious. The fabrics of the looks really did stand out within this collection - making me instantly want to wear it. All of the looks were different - which kept my interested entirely. The collection is so bright and bold which is so great for summer. It's so nice to see the camel looks contrast with the denim and bright looks - creating a huge range of looks in one summer wardrobe. Tomas Maier has it covered. From oversized, light fabricated shift dresses to loose maxi dress - Tomas has really thought about the summer within this Resort 2016. It's getting me excited! I am loving the accessories too - it's always nice to see a collection that incorporates stylish flats as I find it super difficult to find some nice, fashionable flats. I have no found them.

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