7 May 2015

Resort 2016 : Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is a brand that I haven't really mentioned or written about before. I don't know why, I just haven't really looked into it. It was recently I was reading ELLE UK Magazine, and the cover star Charlize Theron was wearing Bottega Veneta in a shot. An absolutely beautiful piece that caught my eye.

I see Bottega Veneta pieces in editoral magazines quite a lot actually, but I have never really ventured into reviewing and writing about any of their collections - until now. I thought their Resort 2016 collection would be a great starting point for me to start getting into their collections and getting to know them as a brand and what they offer to the industry. It's a brand that is very minimalistic and simple - with that luxury edge. I would compare the brand to others such as Celine - a lot of colour block and little pattern.

This collection was just that. Colour block, with little pattern. It sounds boring, but it was everything but. Bright, optimistic and bold - something I already do love about this brand. Towards the end of the images in this collection, the patterns and prints start to emerge : but only slightly. I like the minimalistic approach of Bottega Veneta. The colour combination does the talking, which oozes confidence and femininity. Within this particular set of looks, I like the contrast between the bright looks with the nude looks that followed. Camel Suedes to red leather accessories, this collection is definitely not one to miss. Although feminine, this collection certainly has a strong masculine edge. Taking influence from suits. Two of the main features within this set is the Blazers and Sneakers. A very casual, off-duty Kendall Jenner vibe. I love it.


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