4 May 2015

Pre-Fall 2015 : Balenciaga

Balaenciaga is one of those brands for me, which I sometimes find difficult to suit my style. Although I love the ideas Wang brings to the table with his collections, it's always difficult for me to vision the collections on myself. Balenciaga has been seen everywhere recently. From the likes of Kim Kardashian to Dakota Johnson. It's one of those brands that is much loved by men too.

This collection however, drew me in more than most this pre-fall. It was different from what I expected. Wang is known for his sporty, modern and futuristic creations, and this collection balanced both his creativity and feminine tailoring. At the moment, scarves and gloves are really doing it for me this AW coming, and I am so glad they made an appearance in this collection.

I loved the button detailing within this collection. It really gave it a modern edge. Wang always looks to the past for influence but revitalised it to fit the modern industry which is exactly what his clientele wants. From fur cocoon coats, to crisp white shirts, Wang had the sophisticated classy woman in mind when designing this outstanding collection. I absolutely love it. Every look does it for me.

Being a self-confessed shoe and bag-a-holic, I always have a keen eye for shoes and accessories. The shoes in this collection were amazing. So unique and different, yet wearable. The bags were small and minimal, outlining that small "baby" bags are still going to be carried on in trend from the summer into the autumn and winter. I personally love small bags, they're so dainty and lovely, especially if you're just going out and need something small and not so heavy. The overall colour palette for this is rather dull, which just works. Sometimes for AW you don't want bright colours, it just doesn't feel right. He has injected so many colours into the collection, but kept them dark. Monchrome is also a stand out for me. Whether it be summer, spring, autumn or winter - monochrome never fails to let a woman down. I love the contrast that is incorporated into this collection. AHHHHH I LOVE IT!


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