17 May 2015

AW15 : Versus Versace

FINALLLLLYYY!!!! Its here. The Versus Versace AW15. This collection did also include mens, but I will be writing about the women's. This is Anthony Vaccarello's first collection as the newly announced Versus Versace creative director, and this collection screams to us exactly why Miss Donatella Versace appointed him with that incredible role.

I love this collection because it really does scream Versace to me. It's a different aspect of Versace but Vaccarello has really embraced the iconic feel with the all black looks with silver medusa head embellishment on the looks. I particularly like this collection because it is so wearable in the day, swell as the evening. Vaccarello wanted to do a different twist. Of course, these looks are by all means dressy - but they're just appropriate for the daytime too. I am loving the knee-high boots with that single medusa medallion, but also i adore the high neck dress that was incorporated into the collection. As I was actually flicking through, I was surprised to see a tartan section. It was different. I was expecting an all black collection but that pop of diversity brought the collection to life. It was tamed, but effective. The collection was so Donatella that Vacarello has really already shown his talents with design. The collection in no way has crossed with his own, which means he can still make a name for himself without Versus. I for one though, am glad he is the CD of Versus Versace. Genius.


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