6 April 2015

When in Paris...

Location : Ebsfleet International Railway Station, South East England
It was only last Thursday that I had landed back in the UK after the, undoubtably, best trip of my life. If you follow me on Instagram then you would have practically been there with me as I was literally posting every single second onto my Instagram. It was the best few days!

However, I thought I would write an account of my trip, what I was up to and what it was like - it might even persuade you to plan a quick trip to Paris (which I 100% recommend).

Ever since I have become more and more passionate about fashion and the industry, I have been lusting to go to Milan, Paris and New York. My favourite designers originate from Paris, such as Chanel; Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Christian Louboutin, so that gave me more than enough reason to visit. The experience itself was incredible. It wasn't just the atmosphere, it was the whole city. The people were incredibly friendly with a fantastic sense of humour! I am very chatty anyway so I loved a good conversation wherever I could. The area in which I stayed was not only beautiful, but comfortable and relaxing. Apart from the odd gushes of wind which had me flying, the weather was lovely and it made the experience just that little bit better.

DAY : 01

We arrived in Paris quite early actually at 11am on Monday morning. We started with breakfast at Ebsfleet International which was hilarious as me and my mum were just typical us. Eating all the ham and cheese aswell as drinking all tea and coffee - we were in our element buzzing and ready to go. Taking selfies and using all our phone battery before we had even arrived in Paris. We arrived at the Gare de Nord and I absolutely loved the atmosphere. Buzzing. I just couldn't wait to arrive at the hotel, unpack and just chill out for a few hours. 
    As we arrived at our hotel, the Hotel de L'Ocean, we just slumped on the beds, exhausted from our travels. We got ourselves ready to head out for some food and drinks, but to recharge our energy, we watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic" on netflix … you can take the girls out of the UK, but you cannot take the UK out of the girls! We weren't very adventurous, and I had a Spaghetti Bolognese, but oh it was beaut! We finished the evening with some drinks and headed back to rest for our long day of shopping the next day! I loved the trip already and I instantly knew that the following couple of days were going to be absolutely fantastic. I was in my element for sure!

Location : Le Champ Libre, Paris
Bag : Karl Lagerfeld (here)

Day : 02

Today was the day that myself and mum were going to attack the stores.  We started our day with a good old starbucks breakfast (definitely venturing out of our comfort zone … NOT). We both had a cup of tea and two breakfast muffins, oozing with cheese, bacon, eggs and chives. It was the most beautiful breakfast - giving McDonald's a run for their money!!! Well…that's debatable to be fair. I vowed to be as healthy as possible this year but I can honestly say, that went to pot.

Our first stop was Christian Louboutin. My mum is his biggest fan I swear, she is always wearing his beautiful designs. We opted to go to a small boutique for Louboutin, but I can't remember exactly where it was. It was so small from the outside, but when you walked in, ladies (and gents of course if you're reading) it was amazing. It was breathtaking, if you are a shoe-a-holic like myself. The vibe was so Parisian and the people were so friendly and lovely. We spent ages trying on all the beautiful designs and it felt extra special being in one of his stand-alone legitimate stores. To the left of this store was the mens, so it was nice to see that the design of the store had been thought out. It was a great atmosphere! We went to the larger store, on the Rue Royal as mum couldn't find these pair of particular shoes. There was a queue outside and at first, I was inquisitive to what was going on. Was louboutin in there himself? Was Justin Bieber in there trying on some trainers? Who knows? Well … it was down to the fact that only a certain amount of people can be in the store at the time. A sales advisor is allocated to a particular party when they enter the store to make the experience more one-on-one. We met a lovely lady who served us, and 2 hours and 5 pairs of Louboutins later we were finally finished. 

We began to then venture into Rue Royale. The area was absolutely gorgeous. Classic Paris, with good vibes. I would compare the area to London's Mayfair. It was absolutely divine. The road had all the names from Burberry to Saint Laurent, and Valentino to Givenchy - every brand I loved. I spent a while in Saint Laurent choosing a pair of shoes. The store was so cool and I am kicking myself that I didn't take a photo of the layout to show you. The floor and walls were all marble and it felt that you was in a box almost, it was fantatsic  We were handed drinks to sip as we were shopping and we met a young bloke who was impeccably dressed who knew little english. He understood us though and it was great to meet him. He was head-to-toe in Saint Laurent … (something I definitely do not mind). I then popped into Moschino which was unreal because it was just exactly you would have imagined it - if not more. Full of bubblgum colours and barbie fun, just like the shows. I have never actually stepped foot into a Moschino store before so it was a first for me - I need to visit the one in London but I just never got round to it! 

Location : Concorde, Paris
Leather Jacket - Karen Millen
Scarf - Burberry
Bag - Givenchy
Sunglasses - Chanel

Location : 31, Rue Cambon, PARIS

I was fortunate enough to visit the original Chanel Store opened by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel herself. It was the best thing in the world. I am obsessed with Chanel, so being able to visit 31, Rue Cambon was extraordinary for me. We were served by a lovely lady called Alexandra. I remember her name and face so clearly, she was such a kind soul with beautiful hair.  She had a lovely french accent and she looked like the stereotypical pretty french girl. She was a lovely lady and I was honoured to be in her present for the 3 1/2 hours in which we were there. She was so passionate about Chanel as I, and it was the best shopping experience. We bought a Chanel bag and two pairs of shoes and it's amazing to be able to say we bought them there. The store itself was absolutely mesmerising. It looks quite different from the outside to what it does inside. The store has 2 stories, with the second floor leading to the Ready-to-Wear collections,  in which this case was  SS15. On the third floor is where Karl Lagerfeld spends his time with Chanel. It was all where the magic happened, and at the end of the day Alexandra showed us the stairs in which leads to the area. Mirrors graced the walls and I was inquisitive as to why. The reason behind this was that when Coco used to be there, she would like to remain upstairs but be able to look down at the mirrors and see whats happening in her store from the mirror reflection …very clever if you ask me! If you are a Chanel fan I cannot express to you how much you would love it there. I miss it already and it was by far the best shopping experience I have ever had.

DAY : 03

After the previous' days shopping antics,  we were both ready to hit the shops for Round 2. We had a repeated breakfast of the Breakfast muffin and tea and were good to go! We knew where we were going at this point and I honestly felt like I had lived here for a few years. It felt just like home. Like London.

Location : Avenue Montaigne, Paris


Jacket - Karen Millen
Top - Topshop
Trousers - Karen Millen
Bag - Givenchy
Shoes - Linzi
Sunglasses - Chanel
Lipstick - Burberry

We headed straight for Franklin D. Roosevelt Metro, heading straight for Balmain. Like Chanel, I absolutely adore Balmain. This was on store that I was anticipating. I couldn't wait to visit it. In Elie Saab a gentlemen told us that 44, Rue Francios wasn't just a store - it was a museum, and that's exactly what it was! The store was huge, for just one collection. It felt like a palace. Filled with beautiful scents and dim lighting - the store reflected Balmain just as we know it. Empowering, Sexy and seductive.

After Balmain we both took a trip down into Avenue Montaigne. One of Kim K's and Kris J's favourite shopping destinations in Paris. Oh, it was absolutely beautiful! Versace, Fendi, Givenchy, Chanel, Saint Laurent - you name it, it was on this Avenue. The weather was superb and I was started to dread actually coming back and leaving this bubble!! 

After a long day shopping, we headed for a bite to eat at the Parisian famous Laudree. Known for it's macaroons and cakes, we opted not just for that, but the classic Burger and Chips - of course with a 5 * spin. The dishes were absolutely delicious full of flavour. One of the best restaurants I have ever been to, and I would recommend anyone to go. It is quite pricey don't get me wrong - but it is so so so worth it. As was this overall unforgettable trip to Paris!


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  1. It looks like you had an amazing time! Well done you for getting to fulfil your dreams in Paris, it's lovely to see that a girl your age has such high aspirations. Serious envy of some of your purchases - only proof that hard work and dedication pays off <3.



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