28 April 2015

AW15 : Louis Vuitton

It's only recently that I have been studying Louis Vuitton much more closely. It's a super brand, and the revenue is incredible around the world, but it just never really was a favourite of mine. However, being in Paris and regularly entering the store on Bond Street, it really has started to play on my mind. Louis Vuitton isn't typically french, but actually more modern and in the here and now. Very much like Versace in that sense.

Nicolas Ghesquière has most certainly put his own spin on this French luxury brand having taken over the role as Creative Director a year prior. In fact being the previous creative director of Balenciaga, this show marks the 1st Anniversary of his debut at Louis Vuitton. Without a doubt, Nicolas has put a huge influence on women's fashion since his debut. Both in luxury and high street fashion. The 70s contemporary feel comes from Louis Vuitton. Denim, flares, tans and bulky boots have all been seen in the past couple of collections, making a huge landmark in the high street too. From brands such as Topshop to Zara, the 70s Trend is back for all women.

Nicolas himself said backstage; "The exploration went abit further (…) there is still a certain respect of the patrimony, but also of technology. [which is] what I like." In all industries, especially the fashion industry, technology is becoming a huge part of expanding the ideas and industry itself. Vanity trunks on the catwalk paid tribute to technology, having storage space for iPads, Laptops, iPhones etc. For all of the technology based features, including 20 screens within the show's settings itself, this was no substitute for the lack of craft. Craft, detailing and traditional ideas were still brought to the table. Giving us the classic Louis Vuitton with a twist on today's life.

The collection was such a mix. There was no clear vision or clear inspiration which Nicolas had which conveyed within the designers. There was so much, but it all worked. Perhaps things that you would consider 'tacky' have been revived into super luxurious products. Fur was a talking point, huge coats teamed with leather skirts and flat boots gave us a classic casual look. Tailored suits to jellyfish printing, this collection was the definition of diversity. Catering for all women's style, something I love so much about this AW15 Louis Vuitton collection.
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