12 March 2015

AW15 : Versace

What I love about Donatella Versace is that she is definitely for the here and now, and is constantly updating her collections to meet her clients demands. Every year she delivers. This collection particularly stood out for its use of bold, primary colours - if you want to stand out this AW, then Versace is for you.

This collection reflected Versace's past with a digital present. With the use of social media icons (such as hashtags and @ emotions), Donatella was really embracing this day and age. The whole collection offered a new look. VERSACE printed jumpers, with patent knee high boots which is certain to be a huge hit this AW. We can only thank and admire Donatella for delivering us a new interpretation for Versace, but with still keeping the old school alive. The cut out detailing from the AW Couture collection had made its way back into this collection. During the first segment of the collection, Versace showed us some tailoring, something that is rarely done by Versace. Striped suits that fit the body like a glove, with pops of primary colours to give a modern feel to the look.

The Versace Greek logo also made an appearance, and I'm glad it did as this is iconic to Versace. It was transformed to #[Greek] to fit in with the modern feel of the collection. It was placed on ribbed bombers, and tucked into metal palque inside bags which are luxury products with soft leather. They were also placed on suede jackets and coats.


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